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So my friend Gary told me about this place around the corner of my apt. He said: "You got to check it out because he's one of your peeps." I figure he meant that the guy who owns it must be Chinese, but it turns out that the owner and chef there is also a Corgi lover. OK, I am sold.


On a quiet rain tuesday night, we were one of the two tables that were filled. The decor reminds me of some ritzy place in Thailand where ex-pats hang out and there's Louis Armstrong in the background. The food, however, is as authentic as one can get this side of the world. We started with a tangy sweet chili crab dip that reminds me of the chili crabs eaten at the night markets in Singapore. It came with mini mantao fried in butter. Fired bread dipped in chili crab sauce-life just doesn't get better than that. We also ordered a beet salad which has grapefruit nuts and fried coconuts in it-not very authentic but interesting and well balanced in texture and flavor. Then, there was a kangang balachung which is salty, spicy and delicious. The fish head curry-which was not really a fish head but a piece of very nice trout filet with eggplant, okra, and sweet potato in it (although they will do the fish head if you ask). The dish needed a little salt but overall still very good. I am dying to try the arctic char crudo and the rock shrimp and grits.


BF had a smutty nose brown dog beer drink and I had two calamansi sodas all for a total of $60. We rolled out of there and went home to pet our corgi.


So so glad I discovered this little spot.

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Went there for Brunch. A pretty good deal for some really nice food. Love the Dutch pancakes.

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