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May be there for a couple of nights.


Ideally I would like a "best restaurant in town" type of suggesion, plus a suggestion or two for traditional/local/historic. For example, a traditional shore dinner? And of course any local specialties.


I did see a bar called The Wild Colonial Tavern in a few Best of... lists, but happy to hear about others.


We don't seem to have much info on the city, so grateful for anything.

Ok… 4+ years later and we're going to be in Providence for 1 night (on the way to the Cape) on Monday, May 4th. Anyone have an idea? I'll ask on CH too :) . (thanks)



Maybe it's time I rescheduled that trip.

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May be there for a couple of nights.   Ideally I would like a "best restaurant in town" type of suggesion, plus a suggestion or two for traditional/local/historic. For example, a traditional shore

Maybe it's time I rescheduled that trip.

Nibbling in New England.   I'm doing a little nibbling in New England. Had to pass thru Providence on Wednesday and overnight it there. Manic munch for lunch. Re-immersed in Italian in the eveni

Nice mention of two Providence places in an article about Northern Cuisine (New England the Maritimes)


NYT article: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/29/dining/giving-northern-cuisine-its-due.html?ref=international&_r=0



Menu at Birch, which has been mentioned up thread: http://www.birchrestaurant.com/dinner-menu/


New Rivers offers crispy Rhode Island squid, beef from local cattle, etc


Menu at New Rivers (7 Steeple Street) http://www.newriversrestaurant.com/wp-content/uploads/menu.pdf

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Thanks Paul. We have one dinner there & its tonite (a Monday). We chose to reserve at a small family run Italian place called Rosalina, walkable (I think) or a short ride from our hotel. Seems to be a place that would generate "if I lived near here, I'd be a regular" type reviews… nothing more, nothing less. We'll see.

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Any new stuff going on.. Just rented this cute little house in Providence for a few days.. Dropping of K-bombs at RISD.

Interestingly enough, we recently enjoyed a meal at the definitely not new Hemenway's.


I think it was a Sunday night, and all the wines on their not too exciting list were 50% off, making it much more exciting.


And it's like around the corner from RISD. And if you get a chance, do check out Brown's campus - it's gorgeous. since I went to a state school in upstate NY, and then San Jose State, I had no idea a university could actually be that stunning in actuality.


Oh - Rhode Island clam chowder might be my favorite clam chowder of all.

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Went to oberlin twice. In addition to Brown and RISD you also have Johnson and Wales culinary school in Providence and a really old school Italian section in Federal Hill.

It's interesting because of old school New England sensibilities and because of J and W , all the restaurants are super fancy and really sort of dated in their service. Are they training these kids to work in European Hotels? There doesn't seem to be an edge to the restaurants. Tasting menus and tuxedo vests and overly rigid sort of formality. No one is tapping into the passion and youth of these students.

Dave's coffee is awesome. A place called Den Den which is a Korean/Japanese hybrid was the youngest coolest concept we got to see.

Turns out I recently cooked a dinner for the owners of the Movie theater/ restaurant out there in Brooklyn. The place is called Cable Car Cineman...

Spent an hour waiting for breakfast at a place called the Kitchen just to be told 15 minutes before 1 that they could not serve us. We were the only other people waiting. Didn't realize we walked into this guys power trip. He literally asked me if I think he should stay an extra half hour so my family could eat. I said yes. But the guy looks like he has some terminal illness so I didn't push the issue. I was pissed but the clearly isn't doing well. I just wish he may have given us a heads up like the hour we were waiting. The entire time, there were only two other tables ahead of us.

Was upset to not try Rhode Island official appetizers. Calamari with hot peppers. I read Rhode Island is the only state to have an official appetizer.. Also, there seems to be Del's Lemonade all over town.. we didn't try that either..

Oberlin served Cato farms cheese plate which is directly from the selection of cheeses at my local green market. Houlighan and all.. But oberlin was a nice restaurant. Cool staff, great sake list. Some decent crudo and I forget what else we had. A couple of really heavy and unbalanced pasta dishes. Just like soaked in butter. Wine and beer were spot on..

Cocktails at the Eddy were ok. The deviled eggs were the best thing I ate in Providence if that helps you understand the dining scene. Alicia's were better than mine.

Trinity brew house sucks. Terrible beer, bad food, waiter was running around like a meth head. There were 4 tables in the place. We walked into an empty bar and were scolded for not waiting to be seated at the bars high top. Then, we were ushered back and reseated at the same spot . I thought it was trinity Colorado that we had on tap at the bar. It was some rusty heavy crap and unrelated to Trinity Colorado. It was just some local brew bup with bad food and worse beer.

We had an amazing air b n b. Like a 2 thousand square ft loft with a pool table and fire place. Semi pro kitchen.

We walked everywhere, dropped off Miss K and we are both still in shock. It's goes against every instinct you have as a parent Driving down 95 going 75 miles an hour. Each second we are getting further and further away from her. Can't help shake that, I keep forgetting something feeling. Oh yeah, we just abandoned our daughter

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Actually this food might have been the best food in Providence..


This was the place Den Den:


Bonito Flakes and some sort of creamy sesame mayo dressing




This was deep fried rice and noodles wrapped in nori served with a couple of dipping sauces:




Soft Tofu:




The soft tofu was ok.. on a different night we had the spicy rice cakes which were in a thinner sauce than I have seen. It was good though.. It's right on campus

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The view from Oberlin restaurant while people were watching Star Wars on Friday night.




Some thai ice cream ribbons from a place called Momo: They start with a sugary French Vanilla type flavor and then add flavors from there




It was ok..




Made a few stops on the way back... This is how you keep your bartenders and regulars happy:



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We stopped by the place in Guilford Ct on the way back.. Actually, it was right near a liquor store that was selling Sip of Sunshine.. We found it on Beer Menus so, how could we pass up coming here as well:


I have written about it before, i can't find where.. it's been around since 1971.. it's all outdoors.. tree stumps for seats, short round tables.. there is a huge grill where logs are fed into.. there is a long concrete based grill and seafood, steaks and corn are grilled on an open fire.. What is crazy is, there is no liquor license, you can bring whatever outside food and drink you want.. Families literally bring everything from macaroni salad to birthday cakes.. Miss A and I have made margaritas there and shared with our neighbors.. It's a party..






Clams with butter and cocktail sauce.. These are not as good as I remembered.. i am not a fan of the butter they use.. I have been making these for years since coming here and i like mine better now.. But they are certainly good:





The corn not pictured is worth the price of admission.. i have no idea how they are getting corn as fresh as they are at this time of year.. no butter, just char and smoke and salt..


Lobster grilled:


Summer has started:



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Have you made it to that place Chris Amirault works(worked)?



I hate that guy, he is pretty much the definition of a little bitch. No, where does he work.. I thought he was out shaping young minds into mush.

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