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I am certainly one to hold a grudge but, he is a know it all douche that reminds me of why I didn't like school or most organization.. He has that type of unimaginative, soul crushing and bland mentality that seems to flourish in those types of settings. I am sure he would make a great head of the DMV too..

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May be there for a couple of nights.   Ideally I would like a "best restaurant in town" type of suggesion, plus a suggestion or two for traditional/local/historic. For example, a traditional shore

Maybe it's time I rescheduled that trip.

Nibbling in New England.   I'm doing a little nibbling in New England. Had to pass thru Providence on Wednesday and overnight it there. Manic munch for lunch. Re-immersed in Italian in the eveni

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Went to a place called North while we were there.. It was being billed as Asian Fusion Chinese American on yelp.. You know, right up my alley.. We arrived late and I was pretty exhausted as I had gotten of a red eye earlier that day and driven up to Providence hours later.. But, it was around 10:30 and they were opened late and as I was nodding off, Miss A picked the place after yelping and menu reading.. We were on our way..


It's a tiny little spot with small plates.. They gave us chopsticks.. We ordered something called pork dumplings..


This abomination came out:




it was a sharp kale salad with fried boudin balls? The kale didn't appear to be massaged or dressed for more than moments.. It was difficult to fold and then stuff down my throat.. The boudin balls were fried balls of stewed pork.. I felt completely hoodwink.. You are a Fasian restaurant, you put a menu item on called pork dumplings and then serve me a kale salad?


We then moved on to some gummy noodle with fried broccoli and those sweet sesame candies on top:



they then served us a 12 or 14 dollar collection of tomatoes and cantelope or something that we did not eat and they whisked away after we politely said is it possible this is was not some sort of mistake? Kidding, we didn't say anything.. "No, it's great, we are just so full.." Meanwhile, can we see the menu so we can order another dish..


There was one really lovely dish.. Surprise, it had nothing to do with them forcing the Asian concept on to the menu.. It was a beautifully cooked piece of Bluefish served over cucumbers in a cool and herbal yogurt sauce. The blue fish was cooked perfectly.. The yogurt sauce was really nice.. Luckily, they served my cocktail with a lemon that I was able to squeeze on to the fish..


Providence, I don't get you.. I like you but, I haven't figure you out yet.

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Daniel -



Any new stuff going on.. Just rented this cute little house in Providence for a few days.. Dropping of K-bombs at RISD.

Interestingly enough, we recently enjoyed a meal at the definitely not new Hemenway's.


I think it was a Sunday night, and all the wines on their not too exciting list were 50% off, making it much more exciting.


And it's like around the corner from RISD. And if you get a chance, do check out Brown's campus - it's gorgeous. since I went to a state school in upstate NY, and then San Jose State, I had no idea a university could actually be that stunning in actuality.


Oh - Rhode Island clam chowder might be my favorite clam chowder of all.


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went to hemenways.. They were recently or not so recently purchased by some restaurant group.. We only had 40 minutes in between classes and ran over.. I ordered shrimp cocktail, clam chowder and the rhode island state app, the fried calamari with fried pickled peppers.. It was the second time in a few days I ordered the fried calamari.. It was shocking to discover, people can not fry calamari in Providence.. In it's defense,we went to a place called Growlers or something for the second version..


I said to Alicia, let's go super waspy and embrace the scene.. While Hemenway's was styled nice and I did cause quiet a stir wearing a Grateful Dead shirt, judging from the soggy Calamari, I still can't make a decision on the place. .Soup was good, the shrimp were prepared well but, the one cooked dish was soggy.. Wine list was good.


In the future, i think Waspy is the way to go..

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the best thing I ate in Providence was, the Vanilla Burbon Late with an extra shot of espresso at Dave's Coffee.. That place is legit..


Oh and I had another coffee on the street that was good



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You know, the things we do for our kids..


I like Providence and I am sure there are some good places.. I just haven't found them.. But, would I alter my daughter's future over a couple of shitty dinners, I should hope not.

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