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May be there for a couple of nights.   Ideally I would like a "best restaurant in town" type of suggesion, plus a suggestion or two for traditional/local/historic. For example, a traditional shore

Maybe it's time I rescheduled that trip.

Nibbling in New England.   I'm doing a little nibbling in New England. Had to pass thru Providence on Wednesday and overnight it there. Manic munch for lunch. Re-immersed in Italian in the eveni

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Don't with the italian. Go to fortnight, drink some wine.

Thanks for the heads up - I certainly didn't know this place.


But I think for her b'day dinner, we'll go to Birch; I don't think my wife is that big on places that focus on eliminating food waste. Though heaven knows I try to do that at home! Maybe we'll go the night before.


From their website:


Food at Fortnight is focused on elimating food waste which is endemic is the restaurant industry. When you come to Fortnight expect to see a constantly changing menu focused on foods like pickles, braises, rillettes, smokes, cures, brines, soups, stews, and ferments that get better with time. It's also a wine bar, so there's cheese, bread, olive oil, olives, charchuterie. It's also a bar, so there's bar nuts.

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I'm surprised you don't stay in the haunted hotel.


But seriously, I have no choice or say in the matter.



Well, that may be a fun surprise for Miss K, if we have a reason to go back!

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Oberlin satisfied last night. One of the two pastas we ordered wasn't up to snuff; the whole wheat one, with rock crab, was a little mushy. But the spaghetti-ish cacio e pepe was done well.


But otherwise, our meal was a fine one. Great brandade and a fine cranberry bean dip to start. Those two pastas. And then a whole John Dory, cooked just right, was delicious.

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I thought I was last here a couple of years ago, but no, five years ago, although as 2020 n’existe pas, call it four. 

And a remarkable meal at Persimmon on the East side. Simple, almost cafe-like room, but a chef’s counter too where Chef was doing some very precise things.

For example, a lamb-three-ways entree and I would not expect any Manhattan restaurant to nail more than two out of the three ways. Slow-cooked lamb belly, braised shoulder formed into a small medallion, roast loin. I fully expected the loin to be dry and chewy…but it was great, tender and juicy.

This was preceded by a neat little combo of seared foie gras, marinated black grapes and crunchy little cubes of rhubarb.

And before that a “Scotch” duck egg: the sausage wrapping with breadcrumbs replaced by fine-ground crispy prosciutto in the breadcrumb role, no sausage, the egg warm and runny.

I am unaccustomed to such sheer competence. Also, an admirably long list of half bottles, so there was plenty of Gigondas with the lamb.



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