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Quarterbacks With Funny Names

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Apparently, some QB named Blaine Gilbert is stinking it up in Jacksonville. The Jets once squandered a few years on a savior named "Browning Nagle." The Redskins sought refuge in "Heath Shuler." Although "Trent Dilfer" did get to and win a superbowl. (Lots of Trents in the backfield: Dilfer, Greene, Edwards.) Caleb Hanie? Chad Henne?


Peyton is a girls name.

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It's a matter of record, with 100% accuracy, that you can predict a qbs future success from his name.


It was obvious that Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Troy Aikman, etc. were going to be great. Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley both pass.


Ryan Leaf, Todd Blackledge, Jamarcus Russell, Blaine Gabbert, were doomed.

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