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So yeh, I think the New Four Loko, soon to be banned fad, well next to the punch the guys at the bodegas mix up, is River Horse.. it's packaged like it's a Belgian Style however, it's just a cheap 6 pack that has 10 % alcohol.. If my calculation are correct, drinking a 6 pack is equivalent to drinking 18 beers..It looks like these new hand crafted micro brews but, it's so damn strong. By the way, Old English is 5.9 % Made in Lambertville NJ.. We drank it by surprise last week and again, by surprise two days ago, and we are currently just besides ourselves once again.


This is going to catch a lot of people by surprise.. i see it on the news fairly soon.

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River Horse has outgrown its Lambertville location, and will be moving a few miles south to Ewing NJ. The new space should allow a 30% increase in output immediately, and has room for expansion. The current situation allows them the luxury to "sell out" in many retail locations, and ration the kegs of specialty beers to favored taverns, etc.


Good brews.



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Their River Lager is a very pleasant drinking beer. I bought a six a few days ago, when the temp was in the steamy 80s. Now, the temp is in the 40s, it's raining and windy, and very nasty.


Guess I'll have to drink the rest anyway...

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