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This is very sad. Although I never met her, she brought an abundance of energy and light to the site.



Very well said RP.


Once I again I find myself thinking of the power of this community - how we develop relationships with people we never meet face-to-face and mourn their loss.


My condolences.

So true. She'd sent me a PM out of the blue one day in response to one of my concert reviews, & that started an occasional exchange of PMs that I valued greatly. I loved her spirit & verve, and hoped to have the chance to meet her one day on that trip to the NW S and I keep discussing but not getting together. Another reason to remember carpe diem, because you never know what's coming.

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We were friends--here on Mouthfuls, via email, and in person. She wrote to me about a week ago to say that her cancer had worsened and that she had enrolled in hospice. She talked about her last trip to Italy--just a few months ago--and about her trip to visit me in Morelia, and how happy she was to have done those things. She talked a bit about what she was going through, but as always with a truly indomitable and upbeat spirit.


This is how we started: http://mouthfulsfood.com/forums/index.php?/topic/22418-indoor-plant-identification/


Very few people who have passed through my online life into my in-person life have impacted me the way she and Michael did. The world is a smaller place without her.


Godspeed, Stephanie. I'm glad I have the plant to keep you present.

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If you go to Michael's blog, he is asking for stories about Stephanie, so if you knew her, do email him. If you need the blog address, it's on the Hospice thread, I think.

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