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Gwynnett St.

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I started with a chilled lettuce soup -- try to contain your excitement -- with roe of some sort, creme fraiche, and a promised cured egg yolk whose presence, I must say, escaped me. The days for such chilled green soups are passing, and as a last farewell of summer it was very nice.


What is it with those eggs?


A cool gem lettuce soup actually had all kinds of green herbs, from chervil to parsley, blended into the liquid. In the bottom of the bowl, just a little crème fraîche, some fish roe, and allegedly a cured egg yolk -- although I think that must have dissolved into the soup




A new dish (according to our waitress): steak -- try to contain your excitement -- with oysters two ways (crispy and not) and oyster mushrooms. What made this dish was that it was all (or at least the mushrooms and the oysters) cooked with the juice from the oysters. This gave the dish a deeper flavor and a generally more interesting profile. The steak was nice and salty -- a plus for me, a potential minus for others. Made me wonder whether they cooked the steak in the oyster juice as well.


I suppose that's a riff on carpetbag steak, a dish I've never actually seen.


Oh yeah, and ditto:


The menu seemed shorter and simpler, but service and food was agreeable again. Less so the music, which was unnecessarily pumped up at the beginning of the evening. It became more muted towards the end; but curious to be finishing dinner with the Sex Pistols piping away softly in the background.
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so this is a relatively new restaurant in Williamsburg where the kitchen is run by a WD-50 alum and the wine and maybe the rest of the service is courtesy of someone from Esca. not sure what was in t

Uh-oh response (for the record)

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Me and my lovely bride had the tasting menu there this evening. We arrived at 10:15 to a restaurant that was mainly finishing up. i am pretty sure no one was seated in the dining area after us. We decided to order the tasting menu.


Overall, the tasting menu was enjoyable.. It was 85 dollars. We also ordered the wine tasting for an additional 35 dollars. Wine tasting was nice. There was only one really big misstep. that was when they paired the Austrian Zweigelt with the cod dish. They served an Tokaji, a washington state scancerre 11 which was really nice for such a young wine. i felt like it would be great to age. an aqua di cedro and a chinato barolo for dessert. lots of fun stuff for 35 bucks.


The food. Some misses, some really lovely ideas and execution. First course was annoying. It's not their fault ,it happens all the time. You get a shmear of either cauliflower or onion, a couple of roasted vegetables (this time beets) and a few leaves of frisee and some other micro green. They put it on a delicate plate and then give you this huge bulky fancy fork. It was dark and no one was around. I used my left hand to eat while doing hammer curls with my fork in my right hand. Not really, more like, pushing the fork around the plate and assisting my left hand. There was drizzled sauce and dehydrated powders. I really think, wooden disposal chopsticks are the only utensils besides your hands that make it possible to eat this dish or dishes like this. A single strand of frisee and a fork does not mix.


They served us a tofu dish that had this burnt broth that was terrible. We barely ate either of our dishes and they recovered quickly and added a course.


On to the good. We had the snails that were served over farrow. The farrow was cooked perfectly. In this beautiful circular dish, you could see a perfect circle filled with farrow. Then topped with a few cooked snails. However, hiding beneath the farrow was a really beautiful and bright puree of tarragon and parsley. It was such an earthy dish without having mushrooms. I wondered if the farrow was cooked in a mushroom broth but, i don't think. But, it reminded us of digging in our herb garden and coming up with the snails. Farrow was delicious. There was also a forward acidity to it. Bordering on bold. It made us want to google if we could be eating the snails we catch with beer cans in our garden.


a roasted sunchoke dish with bruled swiss on top of a choke, sitting in a swiss cheese broth. the broth was a clear broth. tasted like a roasted onion broth with swiss cheese infused into the broth. also a strong vinegar flavor. WIth the swiss cheese, it reminded us a of french onion soup. Delicious.


The whiskey bread was wonderful. they serve you a 8 inch loaf of this super crusted Irish Soda Brioche type thing. along side is a half a stick worth of butter. this was outstanding. We ate this through out the entire meal. we laughed, we cried, we bonded and formed a relationship. I love this bread. We made plans to meet again.


Proteins I guess I will always have issues with. Sous Vide and what not. There was a cod fish that I felt was a little mushy. I enjoyed the dish but, I prefer a firm fish. The duck breast. I like my duck breast cooked in a pan, finished in the oven, served on the rare side. It's the easiest, most enjoyable dish a human being can cook. Honestly, I don't think there is anything in life that can yield such results for so little an effort. Maybe opening an oyster, a clam, a sea urchin.


Desserts, there were two. We loved them both.


We ordered two cocktails. Miss A got the mr. pink and it was delicious. one of the better cocktails either of us have had in recent memory. it was a mescal drink. a pink pepper rim.


Fun alcohol for sure. I will go back and get entrees next time.

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But, it reminded us of digging in our herb garden and coming up with the snails. Farrow was delicious. There was also a forward acidity to it. Bordering on bold. It made us want to google if we could be eating the snails we catch with beer cans in our garden.


I think you can...but you have to purge them first.

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Tonight, there was a dessert of coconut, rhubarb, and black olive. Obvious in its execution how innovation and experiment, when introduced for their own sake, are annoying.
There's no way that I can wrap my head around this possibly tasting delicious...
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