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What's Good Now in DC

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I've done a fair amount of eating in DC (and drinking...disappointedly...except for one decent cocktail bar in Old Town Alexandria) over the years but I'm now moving to the area in the next couple mon

I ate there a few years ago. I remember thinking it was just okay. Maybe it's different now--I remember some sort of inside-out meatball app. But he might like it.

Restaurant Nora was disappointing. As was an Italian place on Connecticut, just above the zoo.

Where in D.C. is the best place for ribs and/or other good soul foods? My friend tried deep fried chicken last night, so I think we can skip over chicken and waffles.


eta: We've decided on Rocklands since she loved seeing a glimpse of Georgetown, so maybe there's a good place to go after for a view of the canal and maybe dessert or a drinky.


I'm still always on the lookout for good ribs.


oohs and ahhs is probably the standard....


Ben's Chili Bowl is horrible btw...

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Ok, I'll suggest Oohs and Aahs. That sounds like a better idea.


I'm glad you told me about Ben's Chili Bowl. I'll pass that on.


Thanks very much.


She tried Eatonville on her own last night and said she couldn't finish the fried chicken.


eta: She is going to New Orleans. She's excited to eat as much soul food as possible. I have never been, but assume that the choices there will be outstanding.

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Willie Mae's Scotch House is quite good but you don't go to New Orleans for soul food. New Orleans is the best food city in America (per capita) and Louisiana boasts America's most developed, diverse and tasty indigenous cuisine...but it's not soul food at all. She sounds very confused as to what New Orleans is about food-wise.

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Oh sorry! I meant to move or delete that sentence. I am pretty sure she meant soul food in D.C.


I'll pass on your suggestion of Willie Mae's Scotch House and will go on the New Orleans thread after I ask her if she'd like more suggestions.


She's very grateful for the advice. Thanks again from all of us.

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rocklands isn't really in georgetown and is only acceptable by the abysmally low dc bbq standards. if she just wants a slice of old dc the tombs or that bar at the corner of wisconsin and O street both have well preserved interiors.


the florida avenue grill is another soul food option, same area as oohs and aahs but probably 55 years older. I haven't eaten there in about ten years but I'm sure it's better than bens.

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Thanks AaronS. I realize Rocklands isn't in Georgetown and I agree, they're not great. I'll have a look a the Florida Avenue Grill, the bar and The Tombs.


eta: Thanks Anthony Bonner. Will check out Martin's Tavern.

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they do indeed do brunch....and it turns out it's a big chain...in third-cities across the northeast plus Atlanta:




oh, and Le Diplomate is ok (it's a Stephen Starr place so therefore competent)


Finally made it here last night sans reservation; they were able to give us a table because we got here early, but otherwise it was fully booked.


Food was quite good, actually (better than it had to be?). Huge space. Fine service. My steak frites (ok, steak/haroicot verts) was excellent, great hangar steak and about a half-pound of garlicky, buttery beans...




Afterwards, we wandered (again, finally) over and down to 2 Birds, 1 Stone for a nitecap. Adam B. was present and made us a couple of really nice sherry cocktails, which he's been doing for quite a while at Estadio and before. Sherry is where I think NYC can learn a few things from DC.

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Estadio is a fine example of the small plates concept, with nothing on the food menu higher than $16.


A couple of $2.50 pintxos each - $10. These are great with cocktails, and really serve to get the appetite started.

Melon and jamon serrano - $9.

Tasty croquetas of wild mushrooms - $9. 4 to an order.

My excellent (and big) softshell crab - $16...




Sig Eater's fine hangar steak - $16.


3 cheese plate for dessert - $14.


Of course, once we were done, the bill was still $150 before tip (DC's tax is 10%)!


Now that 15 different restaurants (including Le Diplomate) have opened within 3 or 4 blocks, it's not crowded like it was when it opened.

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