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What's Good Now in DC

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I've done a fair amount of eating in DC (and drinking...disappointedly...except for one decent cocktail bar in Old Town Alexandria) over the years but I'm now moving to the area in the next couple mon

I ate there a few years ago. I remember thinking it was just okay. Maybe it's different now--I remember some sort of inside-out meatball app. But he might like it.

Restaurant Nora was disappointing. As was an Italian place on Connecticut, just above the zoo.

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it's a bit longer..though the Red Hen isn't in a great mass-transit location...

True. Fortunately for us, a few buses that run right outside our door stop a couple of blocks away...and then we cab it home.


I'm driving down for the Labor Day weekend - would love to finally get into Rose's, but will have to see what's what.

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Sigh. Paul will be down there next week and wants suggestions for dinner Sunday and Monday nights. Sunday he's meeting an old college friend; would have gone to Nora (his go-to place) but maybe it's closed Sunday. Monday might be a spur-of-the-moment group, including people who don't much care about food but do care about expenses, so walk-in with a reasonable chance of fast seating is good.


The conference is near Dupont Circle. Paul does not care about cocktails, just dinner.



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Mintwood Place would be my best choice for Sunday night (closed Monday). It's about a 10-15 minute walk from the circle and a short cab ride. I'd want to be careful about walking in with 6 people w/o a ressie.


We like Zorba's, for inexpensive Greek.


Pesce, which is Regine Palladin's (yes, that Palladin) 20+-year old restaurant, might be a good choice for seafood people.


There's also the kosher-style DGS Delicatessen.


Otherwise, there's a Dupont Shake Shack.

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14th Street is an easy walk from Dupont Circle. Lots of options. Etto and Estadio are my favorites but there are plenty of other palatable options. Doi Moi, Barcelona, Ghibellina, Le Diplomate....


14th is definitely a better idea than the immediate Dupont vicinity.

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churchkey has an incredible selection of beer but the food was horrible last time i was there.


pizzeria paradisio has a great beer list and acceptable food.


little serrow is close by, but the food is very spicy and they don't take reservations.


zorba's cheesesteaks were one of my favorite foods in high school. (not a recommendation.)

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Paul would probably love Little Serow, but he may need someplace more, um, accessible for other people. But I'll mention it to him. It's near Komi, yes? He knows that block.


Dupont Circle was our old stomping ground (Church Street Theater), so he's comfortable there. When we lived there, you didn't want to go anywhere near 14th Street. But I'll mention those, too.

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If we're including 14th St., Le Diplomate and Estadio and Doi Moi are fine by me.


Le Diplomate is hard to walk-in, except very early. Even Doi Moi can be a pain in the ass if you want a seat at a table. I don't think Barcelona is what Paul & Friends would be looking for.


Little Serow is closed both Sunday and Monday.

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