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I am going to be in Denver for four or five days in early July. Any recommendations for restaurants and other attractions would be welcomed. The Yves St Laurent show at the art museum is already on my

That's the kind of thing, thanks. I have a list of historic bars and a book (Pale Horse, Pale Rider). Sadly I think Tristan the 50 cent hot dog guy has retired his cart. The Wazee Supper Club tempts.

I like Rioja.

Hi Daisy,


I'm also hoping to get to the Yves St. Laurent exhibit at the museum soon (a weekday before school lets out), and to see the exhibit of Madeline Albright's pins that she wore as Sec. of State. There was an interesting interview with her on Colorado Matters on NPR about the significance of different pins she wore depending on the event or statement she wanted to make. She's a broad I'd like to have a drink with. :)


But back to the food- I'm assuming that you are staying downtown or nearly so?


Euclid Hall is a beer/sausage hall, but that perfunctory description doesn't do it justice. It's a great open, rustic space, with really good cocktails, an extensive beer list, and they make their own sausage (including boudin noir) in house. They have a section on the menu of Poutines. The roasted duck poutine is my favorite, and is enough for 2-3 people to share. I don't see it on the current online menu, but the bone marrow is delicious. Funny aside, if you get the bone marrow, eat the marrow, get on one knee and drink a manhattan poured down the length of the bone, it's called a Tim T-bone. It's a football reference, and they may not still do it since we let him go in favor of Payton Manning. Here ends all sports references, and the end of my sports knowledge. I added it to show they have a healthy sense of humor.


linger- it's at the old Olinger mortuary, and they kept some of the old touches..... It's easy to walk there from downtown across the pedestrian bridge (called the Highland Bridge), and it's mostly about things that are small or can be shared. Here's the menu: http://lingerdenver.com/menus/linger_dinner_8.pdf The view is the best in town from the upstairs deck. After linger, grab an ice cream from Little Man for your walk back to downtown- you can't miss the giant milk can it operates out of. I'm not big on sweets, but my first taste of their Mexican Chocolate made me weak in my knees.


One more- Rioja on Larimer. I've only been for lunch, but I love it, the quality of the food is top notch. Great to sit on the patio out front and people watch and get some sun. Closed for lunch on tuesdays.


If you are staying in a different part of town, I might have different ideas.

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Paul likes Rioja, too. In fact, it's one of his go-to places when he's in Denver. (Well, I just checked and he was last there in March last year. But still.) And since then, the chef-owner won Best Chef Southwest at the 2013 Beard Awards, fwiw.


Rioja website


Same chef-owner for Bistro Vendôme [warning: music on home page that I couldn't turn off], which looks like a nice, classic French place. I remember checking it out and being favorably impressed, but ending up at Rioja instead. But you probably don't need to go to Denver to eat French food.

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There are alot of good options in Denver right now in and around the Highlands and lower Highlands neighborhood -- a few that we like, Colt & Grey, Rootdown and Linger. If you are into cocktail programs, you will want to go to Williams & Graham -- Sean Kenyon is doing some great drinks and has made quite a name for himself. There are so many great microbrews, you could easily put together a great beer crawl -- Renegade, Crooked Stave, Great Divide -- would be a great start. Euclid Hall is a great spot -- bone marrow, charcuterie, another expansive beer list. Up until two weeks ago I would have recommended the Squeaky Bean but the head chef and half the front of the house just departed so they may be in flux. Instead, try the Beast and the Bottle.


The highest end, find dining, you have to head up to Boulder and go to Frasca -- specializing in food and wine from Friuli. Worth the 45 minutes drive.


Let me know if you need more.

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Also forgot about Z cuisine -- tiny, very authentic and french bistro and Fruition (people love, I find a little pretentious. Went there once for a blow-out closing dinner. Client loved the truffle frites and wanted an order for the table and we were told that they only come as part of the steak frites. They literally would not allow us to order just the frites).


Believe it or not, we also have joined the Scandinavian craze with Trillium -- I have not been.

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I had a good dinner at Rioja, which impressed me as being very scene-y with a lively bar. I really liked Fruition a lot but yeah that thing with the fries would have annoyed me. We had a good lunch at Euclid Hall and a good if slightly expensive meal at the Richard Sandoval place downtown which I am forgetting the name of. I wouldn't eat there, but we had drinks in the Brown Palace bar and I fell in love with the room which was like something out of a time capsule.

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Thanks for the help, everyone. Unfortunately, work kept me buried and the only real place I tried was Rioja, which I liked (though the list isn't worthy of the name of the place).


But the room service at the Hyatt at the convention center is better than expected.

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Limited dining opportunities in Denver coming up.

From this thread, and elsewhere, I have gleaned Rioja, Fruition, and Colt & Grey. The latter looks most interesting, because it seems from the menu to be putting a creative, local spin on things.


Other suggestions very welcome. I probably won't get to Boulder, or indeed far from downtown.


Also, if there are any casual, typical, local food experiences...

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