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I think seeing a reference to Donna Tartt right now put this in my head. Novelists who really are known for just one "big" novel, although they might have written something else. Although writing a novel at all seems an astonishing thing to be able to do, there's something strange about being able to write only one (or only one which anyone wants to read).


Donna Tartt

Robert M. Pirsig

Malcolm Lowry

Luke Rhinehart

Margaret Mitchell

J.D. Salinger


Proust is a special case.


Who else? Or am I being totally unfair to these diligent scribes?

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Tartt did write a second novel, published ten years after her first (anyone read it?), and is allegedly going to publish a third (but the claim on Wikipedia to that effect leads to a dead link).

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Truman Capote. Sure, after Breakfast at Tiffany's he wrote In Cold Blood but that was (mostly) non fiction. Answered Prayers was not greeted warmly.


Here's a fun fact. Capote's middle name was "Streckfus."

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