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Alpine Country Club Chef named Top Burger Maker

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The Bergen Record mentions a contest sponsored by Baldor Foods to introduce a new blend of beef for burgers. It was a tough competition with several high end chefs playing for their favorite charities.


Chef Nick Gatti took top honors in what seems to be an abundance of very interesting burger recipes. The chefs used several different kinds of rolls (kaiser, brioche, Martin's, etc), different meat mixes, bacon and other toppings like ramp mayo, etc. Lots of creativity for a good cause.


Congratulations, Nick!


Nicholas Gatti – Alpine Country Club


Sweet Buttered 6.5 ounce Beef Patty made from bench trimmings with the addition of Prime Chuck and Prime Dry Aged Loin Tails & 2 ounces of Prime Dry-Aged Loin per Patty

1/8 inch thick Leidy’s Slab Bacon

Crumbled Stilton Cheese

Red Onion

Heirloom Tomato

Lightly Buttered Martin’s Potato Roll

Sauces made with dots of straight Heinz catsup, dots of Maille Pommery mustard and dots of our own sauce consisting of Hellman’s mayo, squeezed out Gold’s Horseradish and a small amount of Sriracha sauce.



From the Burger Conquest site:


Battle of the chefs

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The burger cook-off was a charity event, with cash prizes donated to the charities recommended by the win place and show chefs in this match. The beneficiary of Nick's win was Table to Table, a food aid organization for northern NJ.


Table to Table


Each of these recipes looks like it could be a wonderful addition to the family picnic

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I'm glad to have fit this in. Working next to Carolyn Flynn (former Four Seasons alum) was a special treat.


Nobody at the event liked my joke about Country Clubs, Aging Chefs and Elephants Graveyards. Oh well :)


Table to Table is the Bergen, Passaic, Hudson and Essex version of City Harvest.


Suzanne F--very funny :)


Thanks again all.

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