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Help Me Plan My Trip to Paris

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I'll be in Paris for three nights, August 9, 10, and 11. It may seem odd to be asking about this in May, but I know that some places take reservations months in advance. I also know that many restaurants take their annual vacations in August, so the choices could be limited. For instance, Le Meurice is a place I might have chosen, but they're on holiday from July 14 to August 27.


I don't want 3 dinners of that type, but I'd certainly do one, along with a couple of other options at (say) the one- or two-star level, a mix of traditional and modern French cuisine. What would you recommend?

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I missed this first time round but I'd highly recommend Le Chateaubriand. Probably too late to book now but they don't take bookings for the second dinner seating, you just need to turn up by 9.30pm. Its a shortish wait outside followed by a bit more of a wait at the bar (not so bad as you can drink) but well worth it, we had a top class meal there in March and it would tick your "modern French cuisine" needs.


I suspect you will struggle to find any of the 2*/3* big guns open in August. The viamichelin website is useful for checking this kind of thing. If its open, I can't recommend L'Arpege highly enough.


On the more casual side, Chez L'Ami Jean is not to be missed together with one of the branches of La Regalade.

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Sorry, just noticed this.

Arpege is always open, I think.


Is Toutain's place open too?


I don't think Chateaubriand is what you go to Paris for, you'll probably like it if you liked Isa, but it's not really that good (it seems very outre to French peeps, and they're convinced the guy is some sort of super creative artist, but no)


Saturne, sure, why not.


eta: oh, it's an old thread, just noticed

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