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Saw this in 3D, and I felt the 3D was used to good effect. Great mindless action, excellent villain, just a real popcorn film. Or perhaps shwarma? But who was the new enemy briefly glimpsed at the end? Not sure this was the right vehicle for ScarJo, but she has bills too.

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I'm ashamed to know that the Mystery Villain is an alien invader type named Thanos, who is obsessed with death (or maybe just missing syllables).

Thanos isn't obsessed with death, he's in *love* with Death. I'm not too ashamed to know this as the Thanos arcs were some of my bread-and-butter as a teen.

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The firepower is kind of funny, since it's directed at Giant Alien Robots who can't possibly be hurt by it.


Maybe better than arrows, though.



Weren't they and Captain America supposed to be a distraction until the Hulk arrived on scene? Sort of a post 9/11 teamwork meme.

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