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Dinner Party Menus

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We have the Supper thread, which covers everything from quick pasta dishes to parties, but considering all the time and effort most of us put into planning dinner parties I thought it would be worth h

everything turned out well. no pictures I am afraid as no-one had the right technology. Rillettes were very rich and I think I served each person about 3 portions. modifications to menu were:   Hom

Could post this in bios or getting older, but this was my birthday dinner party:   Maine sea urchin tagliatelle with black truffle butter Foie gras tacos, red wine and fig preserve sauce, diced app

AS I told my d-i-l who was appalled that I might cook on my birthday, "It's my party and I'll cook if I want to, cook if I want to..."


An added birthday present is the mega bucks saved over comparable restaurant food and wine.

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Little dinner for close friends.


(Surprisingly well received) pimento cheese + baguette slices; toothpicked porchetta; California sparkling wine.


Baby greens, beet wedges, Granny Smith slivers, smoked trout, sour cream-horseradish dressing,   Rhys Bearswallow Chardonnay, guest supplied.


"Big fish soup";  halibut frame broth, tomato, saffron, fennel bulb and seeds, Pernod, espelette,   Poured over clams, grilled scallops, prawns, monkfish, marble potatoes, croutons/rouille.

        2005 *aged" Clos des Briards Muscadet; los Canarelli Corse Figare rose 2017, guest supplied.


Cheese plateau: roquefort, 6 year old Gouda, Red Hawk; cherry compote.     Navarro 2014 Gewurztraminer


Dark chocolate sherbet; "break-apart" (one big cookie) shortbread.      Van Reuten late harvest zin


Fresh mint tea.

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Brunch rather than dinner:


--Salad with supermarket mixed lettuces augmented with greens and edible flowers from our garden

--Leek and salt cod gratin, a recipe from Potager.  On the richer side with the milk, eggs, and Gruyere, but not super-rich. I got the salt cod on a chance visit last week to the now-closed Lucca Deli in the Mission.  Served with a really good sourdough-rye miche from As Kneaded Bakery in San Leando

--Apple-oat-cinnamon muffins. I used a KAF mix, but I thought it needed a little something extra so I made a glaze of confectioner's sugar, water, and boiled cider syrup

--Coffee and mimosas to drink

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9 people on a weeknight, for wine and ski-tuning: 


celery root and chestnut soup, creme fraiche and crispy speck 

salad of grilled Radiccio di Treviso, grilled pears, toasted hazelnuts, parsley, and some other kind of radicchio -- similar to castelfranco in flavour, but beautiful pale pink throughout.  

salami, goose rillettes, cornichons 

cheeses: vacherin, morbier, aged comte, camembert with truffle, fourme d'ambert, and Tomme du Savoie

bread from the French place, one rye based, the other slow rise or something. 

red seedless grapes 

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We had company over!  Guests brought a nice sesame boule from their local bakery and a salad made with RG Royal Coronas.  We made grilled Greek-style mini-lamb chops, crispy roasted potatoes (small purple potatoes from our garden), and ratatouille with tomatoes and yellow zucchini also from our garden.  Dessert was the crisp described elsewhere; to drink, lots of nonalcoholic ginger beer with dinner and a sparkling Moscato our guests brought with dessert.

Thank goodness a different set of friends gave us this butler's tray set a while ago.  Without it, it would have been much harder to get that piping hot, completely filled glass dish from the kitchen to the outdoor seating area.

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First one in a long time…couple plus kid who stayed for a sleepover. For the kids: make your own pizzas followed by make your own sundaes followed by Mulan and gummy bears.

For the adults:

italian honeydew topped with olive oil, fleur de sel, and pul biber/ parma ham / caponata following Clifford Wright but wild fennel from the balcony substituting for the celery)

Roast beef (2,5 hours at 70 centigrade.) / potato and baby artichoke hash (following Susan Goin) / Remoulade (à la Michel Roux, tarragon, chervil and parsley from the balcony)

bleu d‘auvergne / langres / chaource / behemoth’s famous rhubarb chutney / bread from Forno in Merano

apricot almond tart following Patricia Wells

Rosé (also brought back from Merano), a Slovenian ice wine espresso schnaps etc.

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7 minutes ago, bloviatrix said:

Please tell me about your famous rhubarb chutney.


It’s famous mainly because everyone I know has gotten a jar from me at some point. I’ve been told it doesn’t last very long though.

Roughly based on this recipe: Link

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