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hong kong will probably only disappoint if you hit up the cosmopolitan high end. if you're into cantonese food, i don't think it's possible for it to disappoint.

Soley sleeping in Seoul ... 4 at the Four Seasons ... 3 at the Shilla   And now that I'm armed with the KakaoMap* app, which is the way to go, I believe, I'm sorta scratching my head a bit about why t

One full day, but have business meetings that whole day. Arrive early evening, out the following evening.


ETA: I've been to Seoul for work. Its kind of a miserable place for my purposes because you just end up taking a hired car around super congested roads to big office complexes to have pointless conversations with functionaries who won't tell you anything.


I'm only going this time because I was offered a meeting with someone who can actually offer an opinion.

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the meeting would be in Gangnam, your hotel will likely be in Myeongdong or Itaewon. Itaewon is expat heavy but full of "international" restaurants. Myeongdong is the fashion/hotel district...lots of Korean restaurants everywhere...I just looked for places with lots of Koreans eating...

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I spent a week in Seoul recently. It recently got a Michelin guide with all that entails.

I am kind of ignorant about Korean food so factor that in.


In no particular order:


Jung Sik Dang in Gangnam; very generic high end contemporary restaurant with vaguely Korean food --

actually quite delicious in parts. Standout dish was a steak tartare with bits of octopus in; also a very good uni dish on crispy millet and rice.

Delicious and quite safe,


La Yeon (3 michelin star in a fancy hotel). Trying to do very standard unmodernized food in a beautiful room, with great views etc etc.

Ultimately a bit disappointing -- a little bland but not in the good kaiseki way. Amazing cold noodles with soy milk which I didn't expect to like but was strangely compelling.


Sushi Uo; very good sushi, as good as anything I have had outside Japan. Quite good value too. Quite classic in style. I didn't feel that this was close to the best in Seoul either.


Din Tai Fung (well known chain of xiao long bao restaurants which may be coming to London soon yay)


Han Wa Dam -- a beef BBQ place in Hannamdong. Noisy and convivial and delicious steaks cooked on a teppan. Not the perfectly shiny and clean Japanese sort but more a burger joint in a diner kind --really tasty and fun.

There are many many places like this; this one was slightly cheaper than the others we tried and slightly better.


Random seafood place in Myeongdong: a whole live crab from a tank steamed, and then cut up with scissors (a big instrument in Korean cooking) and some strange clam bake thing:

A selection of largish clams including a very large pen clam, grilled, and then cut up and put in a dish filled with rice sticks (tteokbokki) and cheese and cooked some more. Weird but delicious.


Random cheap places where I had traditional north Korean cold noodles (disgusting), boiled oxtail soup (also disgusting), some mandu (vile) etc,

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balex sighting!!


Seoul was the first East Asian country I ever visited, and was with my then boyfriend who was conferencing all day. We were in some Lotte hotel with a big department store attached. The food court in the basement was rather high end and packed with locals. I stuck to that for the first couple of days until I figured out my way around. It was really quite good. But I love Korean cold noodles, both the spicy kind you stir around, and the sort with the slushy vinegar/mustardy broth.

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We almost went last year but had to cancel. Research made me think Michelin is not the way to go, both because it was somehow paid for by the ministry of tourism and was basically a list of fancy places with English menus and not too spicy or scary and because the tasting menus I looked at seemed like they'd be based around the same luxury ingredients you'd get in Japan but not as good.


From various sources I collected these places, ymmv:



Grandma Yus Bibimbap (유할머니 비빔밥) bibimbap Best Jeonju Bibimbap


Saebyeok Jip (새벽집) yukhe bibimbap



guwanghuwamun jip kimchee pork stew tamagoyaki


jumunjinhang chilled spicy sashimi soup




mapo jeong daepo bbq pork


mimine tteok and fried shrimps (is a 20+ location chain)


nolboo yuhwang ori duck!


o'neul braisen oxtail


yeontabal yakiniku


sinanchon skate and octopus


bluefish expensive seafood


beodeo namu jip beef rib soup lunch, yakiniku


dong indong hot stewed ribs and fried rice


donggang minmul maeuntang suppon soup


filipino market sunday morning to afternoon hyehwa exit 1


gaemi jip makgeolli


insa-dong tea house tea


ja ha son mandoo mandoo bib gourmand


jangganei gobchang gwi intestines on intestine alley


myongwolgwan yakiniku


nakseo pajeon pajeon on pajeon alley


jongno bindaettok mung bean pancake


sinuiju chapssal sundae




Hwapo Sikdang aged pork bbq


Elephant Dumplings [코끼리 만두] dumplings


Ree Buk Jib Nonhyeon-dong jokbal




Chungsukgol Bbyuhdagwi pork backbone stew


Nam Do Bunsik Gyeongbokgung tteokk sitdown


Goreun Haetsal kimbap + sundae


Sigol Gamjaguk pork backbone stew


Usoon Daega (우순대가) kimchee jjim


Jangsu Bossam bossam


산수갑산 sundae


Nongmin Baekam Wang Sundae sundae


Saemoon Sundaeguk sundaeguk


Hong Myeong chinese korean


jin mandoo mandoo


https://www.mangoplate.com/en/top_lists/V5UVGDH more jokbal


https://www.mangoplate.com/en/top_lists/AYGFWC1 more mandoo


https://www.mangoplate.com/en/top_lists/CV2ANKG more mandoo


https://www.mangoplate.com/restaurants/mcv53uaozM yakiniku

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