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I've got two. Scobie and BooBoo, the white cats.     Let's see Cherry! And Lucy and Mack! And Wilma, of course!

Cathy's cats are, as the young folk say, Da bomb ( that means good BTW)   I was so taken with them that i did not once wonder how they might taste or how best they could be prepared

And my two giants are always trying to stuff themselves into spaces far smaller than they are.   Thanks for the advice on falling cats, all. Glyn confirmed my fears that shorter drops are more dan

I fear Wilma may be frightened by feline propinquity.

However I have alerted her (sadly now revealed to be a him, but brought up as a lady, of course) to the online interest.


You didn't check out the cere colour and texture before naming?


Kids, always remember when sexing sex budgies: Blue smooth ceres for boys and rough and brown for the ladies.

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I tried uploading some pictures but my dying computer at home couldn't cope and crashed :(


Anyway, I have Sausage and Piglet, 17 and 3 respectively, cats. Names acquired along the way rather than intentionally assigned. Great friends of mine, and they get on pretty well with each other as well.



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