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I've got two. Scobie and BooBoo, the white cats.     Let's see Cherry! And Lucy and Mack! And Wilma, of course!

Cathy's cats are, as the young folk say, Da bomb ( that means good BTW)   I was so taken with them that i did not once wonder how they might taste or how best they could be prepared

And my two giants are always trying to stuff themselves into spaces far smaller than they are.   Thanks for the advice on falling cats, all. Glyn confirmed my fears that shorter drops are more dan

I love the Furminator too!!! I got mine from Amazon at like $3 more or something than the link that Leslie provided... SO worth it.


But oh my goodness that first and second go-round BALES of loose fur are produced, even from deceptively sleek and short-haired supermodel Sultana, who is also, not coincidentally, the biggest hairball-upchucker of the bunch. WHICH leads one to look for something like the Furminator, etc.


Just Furminated all 4, in fact, about the 4th or 5th week in a row. Much smaller amount of fur, but I still do it outside on my bedroom balcony. Plus the table is wrought-iron mesh and they like to hang on.

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We found the most wonderful vetrinary hospital last night. Right before my mom and I left for Portland, Bobbie was diagnosed with a spider bite. She has a nasty sore and lump on her neck. Really nasty and yes, we have wolf spiders and brown recluse spders in her back yard and in the house too. Yes....nasty. Anyhow, after her meds yesterday she wasn't doing too well, so off to find a clinic we went. We found the DoveLewis Hospital. This was the most wonderful clinic I have ever been in. I was truly impressed. And Bobbie is doing much better this morning. They gave her real good painkillers.

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