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the best wet food for cats(and for dogs too, i hear) that i have seen is from butch foods. its a new zealand company and the wet food is ground meat cooked at very low temperatures..as opposed to canned wet food that is cooked at high temperatures. the flip side of it is that it has a limited shelf life and has to be kept refridgerated. but oh my god! the cats LOVE it...because its mostly meat and nothing else really. the catfood lable is 'ginger tom' and it comes in two varieties, lamb and fish. i recommend the lamb.


here you go and here too.


unfortunately, they are not available in the usa.


eta: for dry food, royal canin(french) and bento kronen(belgian company) are good, in my experience.


i once bottle fed a kitten who..when she grew up and was adopted, pawed the IAMS dry food the new parents gave her. as if her bowl of food was her litter pan. she had only had bento kronen before she was adopted. true story.

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