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I've got two. Scobie and BooBoo, the white cats.     Let's see Cherry! And Lucy and Mack! And Wilma, of course!

Cathy's cats are, as the young folk say, Da bomb ( that means good BTW)   I was so taken with them that i did not once wonder how they might taste or how best they could be prepared

And my two giants are always trying to stuff themselves into spaces far smaller than they are.   Thanks for the advice on falling cats, all. Glyn confirmed my fears that shorter drops are more dan

paris, the german shepherd from across the street, taught gobi some valuable lessons today. gobi tends to play hard, and because alu is not the most self-assertive dog tends to dominate her and roll her over a lot. she hasn't yet hit the dog-park (snow, recently spayed, recently rabies vaccinated) and so had not, till this morning, met any bigger, older dogs who could teach her what happens when you ignore signals being sent by another dog to the effect of "stop jumping on me and get the hell out of my face". paris knocked her over a bunch of times and gave her the whole attack dog snarl treatment. gobi mellowed out quickly. the sweet thing, however, was alu getting in paris' face and barking at her to stop (alu and paris know each other).

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My poor Miss Pearl has been through the ringer lately. Some funny stuff in her blood work (over a period of 8 months) led the vet to recommend an ultrasound to check for tumors or enlarged organs. So last week she suffered the indignity of being laid on her back in a large V-shaped bolster, having her belly shaved, and then being lathered with cold goo and prodded with the scope. She was SO good about it – didn't squirm or squeal (I'm sure it helped that I held and stroked her head the whole time and cooed reassurances).


The ultrasound showed nothing, but the vet did find that a broken molar was causing a nasty infection in her gum; he (strongly) recommended extracting the tooth, and suggested that while she was under for that, he remove and biopsy a lump that's been growing slowly on her back (aspiration of which earlier in the summer showed nothing conclusive).


Yesterday, she went under for the tooth extraction and lumpectomy and came home at about 4 – groggy and shaven in funny places with an impressive line of stitches across her back. I'm giving her pretty heavy-duty antibiotics to clear up any remaining infection from the tooth.


Poor thing. She's been sleeping most of the day, snoring loudly. I keep going over and stroking her and nuzzling her fluffy neck. I hate it when animals are sick.

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Our miniature dachsund, Shatzi, is seeing his last days. He's over 16, so quite old for a dog. He was incredibly active and playful his whole life (it was not that long ago that people thought he was a puppy). I think the activity kept him around so long, and he never gained the weight dachsunds can.Still, we do not live forever, and I can see time catching up.


What's especially sad is that his personality has left before his body. He's just not that much interested anymore in being a pet, which I suppose after 16 years is his right. Still...

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thats the thing about pets. they are great teachers when it comes to lessons of life and this is why i feel children should have pets. they witness the entire cycle. you live and you die. and in between life and death, there is a play, joy and loss. they teach you how precious little time we have in life. lately, it has been a bad run for me. any animal i pick up these days is so beyond any hope that i am forced to euthanise them.recently i had to sign off a pup with rabies and a cat that has been abandoned...the owners moved away and she refused to leave their backyard. the house was on sale and the real estate guy sitting there said that the owners didnt want to have anything to do with her. i learnt from the neighbours that they had left about a month ago. she was in such a bad shape that the vet couldnt do anything. she was bleeding, her blood had thinned out, she had feline hiv, a couple of broken bones probably and because she hadnt eaten in a while, she couldnt even eat the food we gave her. it was heartbreaking. i named her rubs-a-lot, the slut. she purred a lot before they put her to sleep and i know cats purr when they have extremes of any emotion..either when they are happy or when they are in excruciating pain. i hope she left happy. i also hope that her owners will burn in hell. i know the pup couldnt have been saved anyway, but i was really hoping the cat would make it.

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Image uploading/url courtesy: Cathy!!!


now for something cheerful..


UPDATE! this just in..


bits of email follows:


Latest on popsicle*………..


As you know (hope I told you) that there is a new kitten…a beautiful calico called Sally. Well she is a petrified little kitten who will not come near anyone at all. ***’s mom is here for a while , so because of someone in the guest room most of the time, she is getting more confident…..


But while *** has a role to play in her getting a little more friendly, guess who gets most of the credit?...POPSICLE!


Popsicle thinks that he is Sally’s mother. Everyday he would insist that he be let into the room and once inside he would make all kinds of noises and purr and entice the kitten so that slowly Sally came near him and began to play with him. Now she sleeps on the bed suckling popsicle’s tummy. Popsicle lets her have her imaginary feed for hours on end. He grooms her, plays with her, feeds her and cuddles up with her and sleeps. He refuses to come out of the room and has totally forgotten Polly and all of us. All he takes are 5 minute breaks and goes for a stroll in the garden. He runs back after that and cries and cries till he is let inside.


Sally loves him and allows us to pick her up only when popsicle is allowing her to suckle him.


On Sunday, some people who could not keep a kitten (girl) anymore left her with us. She is black and white like Mickey and she is called Mini. She is as old as Sally and now popsicle has two babies. He has adopted her as well though she does not want to be fed by him. She plays with him all day and also plays with Sally. Popsicle has lost all his weight, the stress of having two babies is far too much!!!!.....he is devoted to them…the little twig tailed kitten has two kittens of his own! Be proud Godmother!



*here > popsicle's story ..post #821

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She's been sleeping most of the day, snoring loudly. I keep going over and stroking her and nuzzling her fluffy neck. I hate it when animals are sick.
Poor Miss Pearl. I hope she is feeling better soon.


Vital, I am very sorry to hear about your llittle Shatzi as well. Crummy time of year to be dealing with these types of things. Chin up.



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