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I've got two. Scobie and BooBoo, the white cats.     Let's see Cherry! And Lucy and Mack! And Wilma, of course!

Cathy's cats are, as the young folk say, Da bomb ( that means good BTW)   I was so taken with them that i did not once wonder how they might taste or how best they could be prepared

And my two giants are always trying to stuff themselves into spaces far smaller than they are.   Thanks for the advice on falling cats, all. Glyn confirmed my fears that shorter drops are more dan

Psst. Cristina...don't tell Cathy, but that Chepo might be getting a mash note from me. <_<

Mash away, Liza. He'd love some lap time with you. And I'd never whisper a word to Cathy. :ph43r:


Cathy Posted Today, 09:51 AM

Oh, Cristina knows all about your intentions, you shameless hussy. I've warned her about your cheatin' heart.

Yeah, shameless hussy is right. But who can resist that Chepo! Nobody yet... :lol:

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I brought this "little" (he's under five months and his paw fit in the palm of my hand. His PAW people <_< ) guy home yesterday, I think his name will be Quinn (still undecided but I like this one.)




As could be expected, Pepper is pissed!

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