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I've got two. Scobie and BooBoo, the white cats.     Let's see Cherry! And Lucy and Mack! And Wilma, of course!

Cathy's cats are, as the young folk say, Da bomb ( that means good BTW)   I was so taken with them that i did not once wonder how they might taste or how best they could be prepared

And my two giants are always trying to stuff themselves into spaces far smaller than they are.   Thanks for the advice on falling cats, all. Glyn confirmed my fears that shorter drops are more dan

Two thumbs up, Cathy. We could do a full-on tasting menu with cat fur as the main ingredient.


I was looking at my red chenille chair today thinking...oh god, it's time for the furniture cleaners to come again. This is bumper-crop time of year for kitty fur. There's a sorta gray haze everywhere...

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After being in his new home for just over 3 weeks, Simon is adjusting nicely. As is Pepper. She now only tries to kill him occasionally and usually just for sport.




This is the first time they ate beside each other.



Simon is absolutely enamoured with Pepper and will do anything to please her.


Sorry the pictures are a little dark, I'm using my phone and I never get a chance to turn on more lights before they move.

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nuala may read books, but gobi devours them. literally.


our local dog park re-opened yesterday, and it was gobi's first encounter with multiple strange dogs and their owners. we'd thought that given her more outgoing personality she'd have a blast from the get-go, but it turned out that she is actually very nervous about dogs who aren't alu (who she bullies mercilessly in the backyard). she would go up to play, and she chased a number of runners, but if a dog came at her (even in play mode) she would back away with her tail down. and she'd keep coming to stand between us every once in a while for reassurance. and she barked a lot at people who tried to pet her and at one gigantic great pyrenees sheepdog.


today was more of the same for the first five minutes but then she adjusted really quickly. she even went up to strangers for a petting. i don't think she even knew where we were after the first 10 minutes. oh, and today the pond section was open as well, and she jumped right in when i threw a ball in; a little more reserved after that first all-in plunge--not going in completely or swimming.


in other good news, gobi's car-sickness problem seems to be behind us. or at least we hope so: she hasn't thrown up once in the last week, despite going on a number of one hour round-trips.

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Chepo ignoring everybody--you can almost see his eyes rolling.




Does this remind anyone but me of the old Pet milk can? A cow in a can in a cow in a can in a cow in a can unto eternity...

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