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I meant to make a laudatory post last week to the effect that, where other than The New Yorker might you find a smart, funny, informative article on a literary figure as obscure as Alfred Lord Dunsany

I took that test when we applied to adopt! Picture was from the 30's: any idiot could tell that you were supposed to translate the stallion and the shirtless man in the picture into something sexual.

Mitchell is right on this precise point, though: as a classical music fan, I find its use in classical venues to be an outrage.

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Just finished the Remnick piece. It's not hard to find ironies in world politics this year, but I was struck to find Putin talking about conservatism and quoting Berdyaev. His world view sounds less and less Marxist-Leninist, more and more indebted to Solovyov, Dostoevskey, and therefore...uh...Sohlzenitsyn.


(Yeah, but more warlike, sure.)

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The Anonymous piece bounces along, and eventually seems to end with a general belief that the tools of Anonymous could be highly effective as citizens begin to question and push back their government.


On a related note, recently retired cyber-general Keith Alexander will be speaking at one of the sessions offered as part of The New Yorker's fall literary extravaganza.

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Funny that I should get around to reading Alex Ross's piece about the "Classical Cloud" at the beginning of a week I am taking off to try to address my own hoarding/library building problem.


I'm sort of at a loss, actually. Maybe Alex would like to come over and help me.

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I'm still in that piece a few weeks ago about Anonymous. The first two or three pages are great.


It is a good piece, but I didn't find it very timely. Anonymous and LulzSec are kind of 2011, aren't they? (I know Sabu is still making news.)

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