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2012 Summer Olympics

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And now Brazil is in a huddle. I can just imagine the conversation:


"We can do everything the British did....and we will do it NAKED!"

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The enormous disembodied head of John Lennon left me quite speechless.


Did you like how they put it together from lots of people carrying jigsaw pieces, and then decomposed it?


I thought it was mostly dismal. Highlights: Norman Cook, Liam Gallagher. Were they trying to imply David Bowie was dead, putting up shots of him in absentia between Lennon and Mercury?.


Overheard: "What about U2?" Yeah, what about the Mambo Kings? I think the acts were supposed to be British, but then we did get a Bee Gees number. :shrug:

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We were informed that life is a piece of BLEEEEP, but I was more disappointed that the "Always look on the bright side of death" verse was expurgated (unless my attention failed).


But worse than everything else, I discovered overnight that NBC cut Ray Davies singing "Waterloo Sunset."



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