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monkeymay I saw your posts on the supper thread and I was hoping you'd find this Mexican cooking thread!


A question about your salsa and actually this is more of a cast iron question. I thought that tomatoes were to acidic to go in a cast iron pan?

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Abbylovi- I'm just using the pan to blister/char the tomatoes skins - the tomatoes are whole and aren't really cooked per se - you can do the same thing by putting them on a grill.You just want to soften them and concentrate the flavor.I use cast iron 'cause it's one of my favorite pans.

Here is another roasted tomato sauce I make :


1# roma tomatoes

1/2 -3/4 c. orange juice

1 tbs or so fresh chopped rosemary

1 tbs sherry vinegar

salt/fresh ground pepper

1/2 c good extra virgin olive oil


Roast tomatoes on grill till soft and well blistered. Place in blender, along with o.j, rosemary, vinegar, s&p. and puree till smooth. With motor running, slowly add evoo, till thick and emulsified. Add more o.j. or vinegar if necessary (depends how sweet tomatoes are).

I use this sauce a lot with grilled salmon or mackerel.



P.s Wilfrid - I'm so honored! But what's the prize? Does it involve hot dogs? :)

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I made Jaymes's salsa and carnitas, both were great! The carnitas came from a thread on the other place (sorry too lazy to look up the link right now). But it was easy and delicious, my favorite combination. Basically, boneless country style pork ribs cut into chunks, salted, covered with chicken stock, bay leaf, garlic, oregano, chile powder, pepper, and a mix of orange, lemon, and lime juice. Let simmer until the liquid completely evaporates, then let the meat cook in it's own fat for a while. I like the pulled pork texture better than the chunks, so I kept the chunks big and they fell apart into shreds just from stirring.


Has anyone had the chipotle/roasted tomato salsa at Rubio's or La Salsa? Any idea how they do it? I tried adding chipotles to canned fire-roasted tomatoes and while it was good and had that chipotle smokey flavor, it wasn't close to either of those which are less tomatoey and not as hot.

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Got a selction of dried chiles last night; Pasilla , Mutato, Ancho and Chipotle. Along with some Tomatilla and espolte (sp?).


Was preparing some dishes for later in the week and discovered while making carnitas that Chipotles and pomegrante molasses is an amazing combination.

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Slight confession to make here. Intended to make Cochinita Pibil, but for some unknown reason the stores that userly have annotto have none and claim never to have ever had any and stop asking for it. Soo....... I had to make do with what was in the house. What was in the house was a whole load of frozen tumeric roots. I crushed these and added some paprika, so I think that the colour is OK, but what is the flavour profile of annotto?


Also, I have a lot of Mulato chiles, I was going to stuff these, but have decided that it is already to much food for four people (2.5 kg of pork), so is there a simply scrumptious salsa that I could used these in?

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I was kinda thinking that I could use them to make a fried table salsa a'la St. Jaymes, but the colour is going to be very dark. As I'm not even sure of the flavour profile I am a bit worried, but I'm thinking maked the fried salsa, add some mango and mint when it is cooked and serve it with the carnitas. Buggered if I know how it will turn out.

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it's epazote, very stinky stuff but is great added to beans. the stuff grows wild throughout north america.


you can make this salsa with tomatoes or tomatillos:


2 mulatos, toasted, soaked in hot water for an hour, and minced finely

8 tomatillos (peeled) or 4 tomatoes

1 medium onion (skin on, cut in half)

2 cloves of garlic (skin on)


heat up pan over medium heat (no oil). put the tomatoes/tomatillos, onion, and garlic in the pan and 'roast' them for 20-30 minutes. remove the onion and garlic skin. put all of these in a blender with the chilies, add the juice of a lime, a teaspoon of salt, and blend it for only like 15 seconds. if you use the tomatillos add some epazote, or add cilantro (if you like it).

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