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The Kitchen Project, Parts I & II

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I sprayed the counter with 4 coats of Enduro-Var. I will do my best to keep standing water off the counter and to keep people from using it as a cutting board. I wont' put hot items on the counter. Basically, treat it like a nice wooden table. Alder is pretty soft, so if something heavy is dropped, I may get dents and dings. I think that will add character. A have spoken with someone who has had a similar countertop for 5 years with no problems. I may re-coat with a clear finish (Crystalac, probably) if I notice any water damage.


Having a wood countertop is a risk, but this is 25% of the estimates I got for anything else (other than laminate, which I didn't want).

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I love the choice of wood and the kitchen sink. What is needed to maintain a wood counter?


Seth, I am interested in what you come up with for your kitchen space because I think ours is a similar size.


I am feeling bad that I hijacked Stone's thread to post a photo of my torn-apart space. I will eventually post photos in a different thread.

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