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[Belmar] Klein's Fish Restaurant

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Dee and I had a pleasant afternoon lunch with friends at Klein's Fish Restaurant in Belmar. It's at the Route 71 bridge, tucked in between the railroad and River Road. Nice, long riverside dining patio and covered space.


The lunch menu leans toward simple items, prepared simply. I had the swordfish taco, which was two eight inch tacos, with chunks of grilled fish, salsa, and a little bit of chopped celery. Fries on the side. Dee and one guest had the grilled salmon (several nice pieces of seared fish, served with rice/onions/chopped peppers on the side. They also offer a "half and half" which is a half sandwich and a plate of lettuce, spinach, mesculun, chopped onions, carrots, etc. Nice job all around, at a good price. Long Trail ale on tap, good mojito, etc. Ran about $18 a person with tip.


Klein's is a series of businesses along the river. There's a more formal waterside restaurant (dinners only), a less formal cafe with seating on the patio overlooking their dock, a tiki bar / party area where a lot of folks were working off pails of Corona, watching TV sports, etc, and a fish market. Klein's buys a lot of their fish locally. While we were there, many fishing boats came in, and went out through the Shark River inlet. Klein's has a fish monger gutting fish near their retail fish market. The fishing boat dock is about 300 feet away. There was a line at the counter in the fish market.


The cafe has a sushi master who works with the various local and worldwide catches. It looked like the sushi was prepared to order, and brought to the table. I didn't notice any seats at the window.


708 River Road in Belmar


Klein's Fish

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Nice mention on NJ.com of a spin off to Klein's, known as Klein's on Main, a block away on Main....



f you're looking for a filling breakfast, then go for the breakfast burrito ($4.75), filled with eggs, meat, and pico de gallo. For lunch and dinner you can either opt for a laid-back meal of burgers ($10), lobster rolls ($16), hot dogs ($5), or a classic Jersey Shore seafood dinner, a 1-pound lobster ($18), 1-pound snow crab clusters ($16), or lobster mac & cheese ($13)




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