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Worst supermarkets in America?

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A publication called the Fiscal Times offers its survey of "worst supermarkets in America" based on items like cleanliness, prices, quality of meat and produce, checkout lines, etc.


Pathmark makes the grade as the worst, syrpassing many competitors who sought to snatch the coveted title. I'd agree with this conclusion. I've never been in a Pathmark that I've liked.


Walmart Grocery came in next. I'm not sure I'd agree with this, based on a few stores I've visited. The stores have been clean, inventory is displayed (no empty shelves), etc.


A&P comes in third. Weis Markets, Shaw's, Ralph's etc are in the mix, too.



Fiscal Times

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The Pathmark in the slide show is the one I use.


But how can we trust those survey results? I mean, they asked normal consumers. What do they know? They should have asked the people who do their shopping at New Hipsterdom; they really know what's good value, and clean.

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On 9/7/2012 at 4:49 PM, joethefoodie said:

Fine Fare for the win.

They are consistent, I'll give 'em that much.

From this NYT article, New York Accuses Egg Producer of Price Gouging in Pandemic:

One complainant, who shopped at a Fine Fare store in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, told the New York attorney general that the prices were “sad and disrespectful.”

“I’ve been living in the community for 65 years,” the person wrote. “The prices are ridiculous.”

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