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Recently in Kansas City...

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I said somewhere that I'd been dining out quite a lot lately, but don't post about it because I figure no one here really cares what's happening in Kansas City and surroundings. It was indicated that perhaps I was wrong and that a few folks do care about the area. So I want to mention a couple of places I've been recently and then will try to keep up as I go along.


Peanches turned out to be a delightful surprise. This was a classic case of how owners would like for Groupons to work. I'd barely heard of this place and a Groupon came along, so we decided to give it a shot. We will absolutely, positively be back. My brother-in-law has a business group in the area that he takes out monthly and he will definitely be taking them there. The food is fabulous! We were a party of 4 and we all ended up with the prix fixe. We normally all order different things so we can share, but there were so many courses on the prix fixe that we decided it wasn't necessary. I should have written this sooner because I can no longer remember everything on the menu, but do recall crab cake, short rib and filet and divine truffled potatoes. And bread--baked there!--that was wonderful. You can't beat the prices, including wine. Service was great and friendly, too.


The next one was a bit of a disappointment. I had been dying to try Affare as it has gotten very good reviews. Not a one of the 4 of us said we would go back. First of all, the tables are really crammed in and they are a bit on the tiny side. Chairs are uncomfortable. First it was hot, then it was cold. Noisy. It was quite busy and I don't know if they were under-staffed that night or what, but the service could have been better. We'd wanted to order another bottle of wine, but couldn't get the server's attention until we were so far through the meal, that we'd decided we really didn't need it. The menu contains many German words. I guess you are supposed to understand German to eat there. My husband taught German many years ago and even he didn't understand what some of it meant. And no real explanations. The best thing we had was a salad that says it contains "edible soil" with no further explanation of what that is. We asked and were told it is a combination of crumbs, cocoa, balsamic and other stuff. It was quite tasty. We also had a beet salad that was very good. Not so good were the other things. We had potato-rosti with smoked salmon, sour cream and capers that would have been fabulous, except that the potato cake tasted like it had just been defrosted. It was icy cold. Warm or room temp would have been great, but it was so cold that you couldn't taste it. The salmon was good. The men both ordered lamb and said it was OK. I had weinerschnitzel and was OK--could have been warmer. My sister had the bison short rib and found it tough--perhaps that because it was bison, but she was disappointed. The overall experience was not one we would rush back for.

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I have to mention The Rieger. We have been there a few times, always with an organized dinner of some sort. It has been fabulous every time. I think our first time there with when they did a Rancho Gordo dinner when Steve was in town. We're going this weekend for dinner with a friend who is visiting from the UK, so will report back after that on how they did with "regular" diners. :) I can't imagine we will be disappointed!

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I've failed to keep up again. I know we've had several outstanding dinners that I forgot to post about. Cafe Sebastienne was one: http://www.kemperart.org/cafe/index.asp. I'll try to remember some others. We have another Peanches dinner coming up:


California wine dinner with Marc Joseph of Garco Wine

$45 per person

7 pm September 20th

Reservations made though facebook only


Terrine of prawns, heirloom tomato “gazpacho” jus, & fennel crisps Merryville starmont sauvignon blanc


Low roasted tender of pork, sweet potato gratin, parsnip, & apricots McManus pinot noir


Crispy breast of duck, foie gras, potato–caraway fritters, turnips & shallot jus Trione Bordeaux blend


Apple tart & ginger iced cream

White knight moscato


I'm sure it will be delightful, but will try to report back with specifics. Can you believe that price with wine pairings? All wine dinners we've had there were very generous pours.


And will try to remember some of our other dinners. Need to look back on my calendar.

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Now's your chance!



Groupon for Peanches! (No, not buying one--I'm already a customer. I will buy a deal to try someplace new, but once a customer, I don't buy another.)

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Good heavens, it's been nearly a year since I posted anything again. I'm sure I won't remember every place we've been, but will mention a few.


http://ryekc.com/ Rye always gets rave reviews, but I have found it to be very inconsistent. We've been 3 times. Brunch and 2 dinners. Parts of each meal very excellent, and parts were the opposite. I am discovering that they do not handle large groups well. Both dinners have been large parties and the food has been inconsistently cooked. Some over-cooked and some nearly raw (this happened with pork twice).


We are going to http://cafetriokc.com/wp2/ Cafe Trio this evening to celebrate my husband's birthday. It is one of his favorite places. The food is always very good and service is excellent. Plus, it is just a lot of fun. Music, lively bar scene, nice area.


I will have to work to remember where else we've been. We've got another big one coming up--something I've always wanted to do. We're going to an Outstanding In The Field dinner. It is being held at our CSA farm. Since hubby has been doing a little marketing work for them, we will go, so he can take some photos, etc. I can hardly wait! The chef for the dinner is fabulous! http://www.outstandinginthefield.com/event/crums-heirlooms/

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