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You're right. If you expect to feel stuffed after that many courses, actually you won't. I believe I snacked on some cheese when I got home.


I know that's a negative for some people. In WD-50's early days, there were plenty of complaints that you had to grab a pizza on the way home.


I don't mind so much. After all, I'm not going there to refuel or take in calories.

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Platt's three star review (out of five).   Seating (obviously my number one concern):     Aged meats? Check.     Odd thing about this review, although Platt clearly likes some dishes, he d

Would it deter or encourage people to lay out $180 plus tax, tip and beverages, and undergo the reservations ordeal he describes? Doesn't that need orgasmic?

It's a little weird that parts of the site are built like single-page apps with Backbone.js (i.e. the restaurant-specific reservation pages), while others look to largely be generated server-side (e.g

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Blanca was fun, but I'm afraid my dinner was closer to Liquid's than Orik. Wilfrid was right about the lovely crab though.

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A deep understanding of acidity.


I think one of our better meals there. The minty lamb "carbonara" was a bit much, but otherwise just terrific.


Comped a raviolo.

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From the slideshow: 'The record collection is one of the ways Blanca deflates high-end dining's gassier pretentions.' :closedeyes:

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