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Slow Food USA is looking . . .

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Location: Brooklyn, NY


Yo, slow food city, USA.


I like:


At least 7 years of experience as a leader in a complex, multifaceted social change organization.


Any interest in food need not apply, but marketing heads sure. Is there any tension with their mission?



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Interesting editing you've done there. Not that I'm arguing (well, of course I am :lol:) but it says shit like

  • A genuine passion for food and a belief in the link between the pleasure of food and a commitment to community and the environment

directly above the line you quote.



Isn't it true, though, that exec. directors are more likely to pour the Kool-Aid than drink it? :ph43r:

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Who mixes it?


It has to be hemlock flavored kool-aid, mixed with a wooden spoon only, and served from an artisan drinking vessel.


Based on some of the interactions folks here have had with Slow-Food, I'm not surprised that the "social change agent" is an important aspect of the position.

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