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Paris Questions - Only a Few

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By the way, those conserves de Christian Parra are widely available for purchase. Da Rosa even sells them at retail.


They are not bad at all. Gimmicky, because there is no shortage of excellent boudin (and I personally somewhat prefer the austerely bloody style of fresh boudin that Desnoyer, for example, sells, to the more spiced and meaty version from Para, or using Para's recipe, or whatever the de is supposed to signify here), but not bad.


Pierre was in the house and as excited about his kooky wines as ever.

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What are good candidates again for Sunday? Breizh cafe might be an option.


I'd probably do Breizh mid-week for late lunch, it's a real zoo on weekends now. By the way, they serve a terrine of andouille that seems to be the same as the one in Rodolphe Paquin's new terrines book. Not sure if it's coincidence. Anyway, very good if you like smelly andouille.

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According to the Paris Kitchen, it looks like the owners of Candelaria are opening another cocktail place in the Marais. If it's as good as Candelaria was (to us), they'll have a hit...


Just a few blocks away from the taco-cocktail concept Candelaria – the Mary Celeste is a 3-story corner space with floor to ceiling glass windows and a shabby chic painted white brick decor with custom built ceiling/floors/walls using reclaimed brick & wood.

The main level will be a big octagonal bar with 40+ seats anchored around a massive stone pillar, downstairs is being outfitted with an open kitchen and additional seating, and the upstairs will act as extra kitchen work space and storage.

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