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2012-2013 NCAA Basketball

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BTW - Hoyas have been on a Twin Cities guy pretty hard - Henry Ellenson. I think he's only a soph tho. But we won't get him. Too hard.

His brother is at Minnesota. Although maybe they hate each other.

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So, it's started. Way too early to tell much of anything. Lots of players across the country suspended for everything from drugs, academic ineligbility, NCAA infractions and criminal or disciplinary i

So, Ben Howland and Tubby Smith are the first two coaches who made the NCAA tourney and got the boot from their respective schools...

Hey I think Rutgers might have an opening.     I am completely not surprised by this BTW. Rice is a screaming ball of rage on the sideline.

Anyone else think Marshall Henderson is the most obnoxious player in college hoops right now. I'm amazed somebody hasn't taken him out...


First time I've watched him. The little I watched of the 1st half against Wisconsin didnt show me much. The 2nd half was more interesting. I guess I'll get to watch him again.

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Just saw a tweet that said Wisconsin could have built a high-rise with all the bricks it threw up!

In my opinion, poor preparation and on court coaching. They looked desperate way too early and starting heaving up 3s instead of working it and trying to change the rhythm of the game during the last 3 minutes. No calming, stable influence to be found on the bench or on the court.

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