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The Deer Project

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Which one is Stone?



stone's the guy in camo with the painted face, under the leaf pile

Well done.

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Some Beast Feast Shots.


Top round and mystery bits getting ready for venison bourguignon:




Slicing the top round. These probably would have made pretty good steaks. Or maybe not.




Browned venison, carrot and onion ready for wine/stock. Sadly, no more bourguignon pics. (Well, I guess it's nothing to get sad about.)




Liver & Heart. I sliced the "muscle" parts of the heart, i.e., not the parts with the valves/tendons, and quick fried in a little oil. Sadly, we never got around to making the liver. It was donated to the wildlife fund.






I have to admit that the heart was quite good. It was chewy, but not gristley. It had a strong flavor, like an aged rib-eye.


Seared tenderloins (overcooked, but still moist and tender):




A plate of heart and tenderloin for appetizer bites.





Backstrap. I defrosted way more meat than I needed:




I believe the backstrap would be the NY strip/sirloin of a cow?




Deglaze with gin, add stock/peppercorns, reduce, add cream, don't focus:




I also defrosted 2 bottom round roasts, which were actually butchered nicely, but we had too much food. I gave those to Santos.


We also had spaetzle, leek tart, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, some leafy green "filler", and all sorts of good desserts that I had nothing to do with but eat.

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sounds awesome,., that back strap looks great.. you made like an au poivre, great idea. A coffee and juniper rub is a great thing to coat the steaks with too.

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