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Discussion of Louro shouldn't be hidden in the "Um Segredo" thread.

You forgot I'm married to Ranitidine? I know he hasn't posted here in years, but I thought he was more memorable than that.

Whatever happened to ditching the menu and asking the chef to cook for you?

And proud to be one! (Actually, I couldn't see my comment there after all.)


ETA: reposted what I thought I had already.


And actually, the shill accusations were against the folks talking about some place in Cobble Hill, whose only post to date that seems to have been. We're safe. In fact, the same guy who made the accusation also stood up for Louro.

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Had dinner at Louro on Saturday evening. Delightful, as always. Three adults.


Two orders of pri-piri shrimp were demolished almost immediately, as was an order of shishito peppers. And a plate of that wonderful bread with pork butter.


A plate of uni was fabulous. The sweetbreads with squash are guaranteed to be the best I've ever had in my life. I could eat these for weeks, and I'm not a fan of sweetbreads. Dee had the duck egg truffled kimchi fried rice, which she enjoyed immensely. A wonderful, oozy preparation. Our guest had the bass, which she liked, and finished off. salsa verde, coconut broth, yucca. Dave does a great job with fish.


I also had a dish that I didn't record. I believe it was a thin mushroom broth served over a shaved mushroom, a gift from the chef. I found the texture of the mushroom a little off for my taste. When I asked Dave about it later, he mentioned that he's been tinkering with it, and the dish has a following of folks who ask for it. I thought the broth might flow better with a seasonal raviolo, perhaps a pumpkin.


the arugula salad was a mixture of charred onions, peppers, cheeses, lots of layered flavor. And a bottle of a perfectly fine Grenache from 2011,


We had seen the matinee of You Can't Take It with You, and had a round of cocktails with Jose at the corner bar in Sardi's, always a pleasure. We arrived at Louro around 6pm, and were the only folks in the place until about 7.15, when other guests began trickling in. I suspect the Holy Days may have had an impact on the crowd, as the place was probably 3/4 full when we left a little after 8.

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Upside: the food & drink were again excellent & hanging out with Dave on a late Sunday afternoon at his bar area, watching football on their 100inch TV was similarly great.


Downside: sitting next to Stone, watching the Cowboys win.

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A plate of uni was fabulous. The sweetbreads with squash are guaranteed to be the best I've ever had in my life. I could eat these for weeks, and I'm not a fan of sweetbreads.


My mother, who is a sweetbreads fan, really liked these. However, she left the uni for the rest of us to have, and I can say that the uni was pretty good.
Because I usually go to Dave's special dinners rather than going on a regular evening, I hadn't had the octopus bolognese until last night. A real winner--I love the hint of brininess the octopus brings.
COMP ALERT: the roasted cauliflower appetizer (anyone who doesn't like cauliflower ought to try this) and The Santos dessert (chocolate hazelnut pot de creme). I wanted to get the Chapman dessert--maple funnel cake, mascarpone, and pepita--but no one else would share it with me and I couldn't have polished it off myself.
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Special Second Anniversary Dinner last night.


I wonder, at this point, if Chef Santos is even capable of serving a dish that isn't absolutely delicious.


Someone on Chowhound put it perfectly a couple of days ago:* there's a joy to this cooking that absolutely delights.


* While managing to mistake the noisy young clientele here for "hipsters".

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Just in case someone in interested in coming this monday. Email me or call the restaurant. I know some of you are already on the list!


December 8th
Wild Game dinner $95


Wild Hare Terrine
foie gras, concord grape mustard, mache, rye bread

Red Legged Partridge 2 ways
breast, country fried leg, chicory salad, roasted garlic gribiche

Wild Striped Bass
melted leeks, migas, truffle sabayon

kabocha squash, huckleberry, black trumpet puree,

steel cut oats, pickled autumn olive

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