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Discussion of Louro shouldn't be hidden in the "Um Segredo" thread.

You forgot I'm married to Ranitidine? I know he hasn't posted here in years, but I thought he was more memorable than that.

Whatever happened to ditching the menu and asking the chef to cook for you?

Who implied that Dave isn't talented or creative?


Sometimes, in order to get to the mountain-top, you have to be able to buy the climbing gear.


Which do you think is more profitable - Empellon Cocina or Empellon Taqueria?

I read a quote from Danny Meyer recently where he said Shake Shack was funding EMP in the early days.

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Right. There's no way at all that I would ever want Dave to stop being the talented, creative chef that he is. He cooks with love; that much is obvious.


But if he could be that chef say one day a week (e.g. Nossa Mesa-ish), and support that and himself and his staff by making money selling the best Nashville hot chicken this side of, well, Nashville - would that be a bad thing?

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I know Dave doesn't like me but it seems like an extreme step just to avoid our coming reservation :D


I think it was my success in securing a reservation by email that caused Frej to close.


We were the daily double: I had one too.

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"I mean how many times have we all heard it at this point? It used to be small fish like myself and Grano, restaurants that people supported but not big players," Santos says. "But now you see even the big fish are suffering, closing their spaces because they realize they won't survive and make money at these new rents."


"We are talking about places that are institutions like Union Square Café whose profit margins are much higher than places like Louro. If they can't stand a chance, how do the rest of us?"


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That report has a bit of an EVGrieve-ish slant to it, referring to landlords as "obscene" and "under-handed". Emotionally, I'm on Dave's side. Realistically, the land is the landlord's property, and he can charge for its use whatever he thinks he can get.

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