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Philly Cocktail Suggestions?

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didn't Southwark used to emphasize Manhattans? if that's the case then I've been there...they free-poured back then but maybe it's changed.


I've only been there the one time.


Where did you end up going?

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First time to Franklin Mortgage in about a year -- they expanded about 10 months ago to have an upstairs space. (And they're coming up on their 5 year anniversary. Crazy.)


In the Flatiron Lounge mold, they do a new menu every quarter, and the latest menu was unveiled a few weeks ago. And it includes a drink that has become my newest mad cocktail crush: "A Room Without A Roof". And yes, it sure does make me happy. As described in the menu:


Arbequina Olive Oil infused Sombra Mezcal, Amaro Meletti,
Cardamaro, Creme de Framboise, Wormwood Bitters
Served On A Rock


It reads like a hot mess, but it's surprisingly well balanced -- the olive oil brings out some fruitiness in the mezcal, amped up by the Framboise. Flavors are mostly fruit with a delicate framework of smoke from the mezcal, hints of bitterness from the amari. Damn, so craveable.

Since it was the tail end of Negroni Week, for my second round, I asked if there were any interesting Negroni variations they were offering. Their published list was actually far more traditionalist than I'd expect from them; they take their Negronis seriously (and why not?). I had Michael's Negroni, which featured Hayman's Royal Dock, both Carpano and Punt Y Mes, Campari, orange and grapefruit twists. The combined twists gave a nice long finish and punched up the already punchy Navy strength gin. A winner.
But top honors to "A Room Without a Roof."
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Bad news/good news:  on trying to score a reservation for Franklin Mortgage for this weekend, got an email response that they've closed their current location. But they intend to reopen in a larger space in the fall.

Meanwhile though, I'm wondering what's the best bet to have some decent drinks this weekend. Hop Sing hasn't reopened, and I'm at a loss otherwise. Anyone have any sense of the scene these days? *Is* there a decent cocktail scene there these days?

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My knowledge isn’t recent for obvious reasons but (for the same obvious reasons) im not sure what is(?)

I liked the cocktails at Double Knot, in particular preceding a meal at the “secret” izakaya downstairs. Granted not as cool as Hop Sing but I’m not sure they would let me in at the latter. 

I’ve also always liked a.bar (corner walnut and 18th) but my brother says I’m bougie. 

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