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Philly Cocktail Suggestions?

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On 6/23/2021 at 10:40 AM, plattetude said:

Bad news/good news:  on trying to score a reservation for Franklin Mortgage for this weekend, got an email response that they've closed their current location. But they intend to reopen in a larger space in the fall.

Meanwhile though, I'm wondering what's the best bet to have some decent drinks this weekend. Hop Sing hasn't reopened, and I'm at a loss otherwise. Anyone have any sense of the scene these days? *Is* there a decent cocktail scene there these days?

I'm not that up to date either, but I can make a few suggestions for anyone going in fall '21.  Hop Sing has reopened, so they're the obvious choice.  I haven't been to Charlie Was A Sinner, but they're supposed to be good.  1 Tippling Place is pretty good.  Also check out places in fancy hotels like the Library Bar at the Rittenhouse or A.Kitchen/A.Bar at the AKA.  Ranstead Room is apparently still closed - hopefully they reopen soon because they were one of the best.  Philly doesn't have a deep bench for cocktail bars, but they have a few good ones.

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