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Mighty Quinn's (East Village BBQ)

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What's this called? The old jew?   http://www.pinkpignyc.com/.a/6a00d8341c714d53ef017c34ed08c0970b-800wi

I tried to "like" this post, but the button won't let you push itself.

(It strikes me as tempting fate to name a barbecue joint after a song whose best line is, "Just ain't my cup of meat.")

Makes no sense because the cuts used in BBQ are almost universally less expensive than what is served at Minetta. Brisket, pork shoulder, pork ribs and beef ribs do not cost nearly as much as rib or strip steaks. And short ribs, while inexpensive, are still more expensive than the cuts mentioned above.

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I didn't say he said it should cost the same as Minetta. His argument is that nobody complains about the cost of a $58 strip steak at Minetta, so somehow bbq is a great bargain. He ignored the fact that every facet of the dining experience is better at Minetta. Not to mention the fact that (due to the long cooking times) pretty much all bbq is prepared off-site in huge batches way in advance, so once it's cooked all they have to do is reheat it and throw it on the plate. They don't even need to hire cooks for the restaurant, all they really need is cashiers.

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LiquidNY's point is related to the real problem here, which is that our collective "memory"* of "real" BBQ joints is of regional restaurants with a pit out back, meat served on paper plates or trays from a counter, with sliced white bread, and all very cheap.


It's no coincidence that just about every BBQ place in New York tries to look like a truck stop. Blue Smoke is an interesting exception.


There's an analogy with Chinese food, where we all have a collective "memory" of cheap, but authentic and good, places in Chinatown.


Tensions arise when you match the nostalgia-based experience with 2013 New York prices.




This also relates to the discussion on the Carbone thread, which is similarly about the problems of charging high prices for good ingredients, while replicating a cuisine we think of (not necessarily correctly*) as inexpensive.


*I paid a crippling check at Don Peppe's once, and some of the rest of you were there.






*Even for people who've never experienced them.

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Does anybody remember the Tuscan Bread Debate on eG?

I remember the longest thread ever about how to roast a chicken. The answer, not slathered in marmite. But I date myself.

Maggi, not Marmite. But that's okay, you were just a baby when it happened. And I was one of the principals. Oy.

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A $14 paper tray of food at Mighty Quinn




No, that's not a particularly large tray. Yes, I'm being a bit silly. But this is no doubt why we're going to see a lot of these places popping up around the city. The line was out the door onto 6th Street.


I guess that that portion of brisket for $8.95 isn't too small. It just looks so pathetic in that tray. Of course, I assume they expect that a customer would also have $8.95 of ribs/pork/chicken/sausage in their.


That said, this was really good. We also had ribs, which were excellent. (It was all a little light on the smoke flavor, which is why my 'que is still much better.) I like that as they chop the brisket they swipe the bits and pieces into the beans.


I asked them not to put the shower of salt on my brisket or ribs. But no one else thought theirs was too salty.


Go ahead Joe, tell me I'm crazy. :)

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An unsolicited testimonial - your BBQ is better.


I had MQ BBQ once and it was fine. I've also had pastrami from David's Brisket House a bunch of times. Call me a philistine but I greatly prefer pastrami to BBQ from MQ.

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First visit to Mighty Quinn's last night and guess who I ran into? A crazy person? (Also, how is that a $14 tray of food - the brisket was $9 and the beans were $3, no?)


I though my portion of brisket was, for the price, priced fairly. The little side of cole slaw is actually a side of whatever pickled vegetables you ask for - I got some slaw, onions, cucumbers, and some incendiary little hot red peppers. It had to be 6 - 8 oz. of brisket, which at $8 or $9, ain't bad. And maybe because I made the slicer laugh, I asked for and got all point meat and some burnt ends.


Now that that's out of the way, I think this is the best bbq going right now in the city (I have not been to Delaney's, however). Brisket was juicy and delicious. Ribs were 3 big and meaty ones. Sausage was good. Sides were excellent (especially the beans with that bark thrown in).


We spent $28 each, and I took home a rib.


The ribs - note the "free" sides...


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