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Mighty Quinn's (East Village BBQ)

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What's this called? The old jew?   http://www.pinkpignyc.com/.a/6a00d8341c714d53ef017c34ed08c0970b-800wi

I tried to "like" this post, but the button won't let you push itself.

(It strikes me as tempting fate to name a barbecue joint after a song whose best line is, "Just ain't my cup of meat.")

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late to this but finally made it here and loved it: the brisket and burnt ends were terrific, the next day too (reheated and cold). the smoked sausages less so. the sweet potato side with pecans and maple is very good too but it's really a dessert.


big line already at 5pm on Fri. am going to have to swing by for takeout more often.

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I liked this place a lot. Besides the brisket and the burnt ends mentioned by nux, I had the chicken wings both times there and they were better than good with a slight kick.

The sweet potato side is excellent and we thought of it as dessert but is really not that sweet. I went for lunch both times and it was not too crowded.Meant to try the dinosaur rib but chickened out, Perhaps next time.

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