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Aska is, of course, the "real" restaurant that one of the guys from Frej opened up with the FOH/cocktail guy from EMP and then Atera. Like Frej, it's in the Kinfolk Studio space in Williamsburg. Unl

Going back 25 pages or so, I'll try to restate my original view on this again. The only time I've questioned the overall value of a tasting menu meal is when I've been disappointed with some aspect o

Though I shouldn't make assumptions, I'm just guessing your date wasn't picking up the tab. There can be an inverse correlation between excitement level and skin in the game. (Do correct me if I'm ass


Why do I think of him as the beverage version of Ryan Skeen?


Eamon was at EMP for several years before he left to open Compose. At EMP, he was one of the bartenders but was also a server and then a captain.

Ah. I came in late on his story--only know about him from Compose on. And granted, it's as much the places folding under him as anything else. So thanks for the info.

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Had a nice meal at Aska on Thursday. Photoset is here.


It was an impressive meal for $65, but I probably wouldn't repeat the experience more often than once a year. Although it'll be interesting to see what they come up with in the spring and summer since most of the winter menu is root vegetables.


The oyster course was a nice prelude to spring. The whole roasted beet - one of the best I've had, next to the beet ember at Atera. The scallop on a halfshell - more of an interesting dish than a successful one. It was nice to see a bay scallop presented this way (still attached to the shell), but the accompanying broth almost tasted like sea water (I'm sure that was the idea, but that doesn't make it tasty). The pork with reduced cream entree was one of the richest things I've ever eaten - really terrific.

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I guess the Eamon experience was even more expensive than I thought.




Scandinavian sensation Aska is stepping up its game with a new 10-course tasting menu from chefFredrik Berselius that will be offered on Friday and Saturday nights for $115 per person
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In the context of the Torst discussion: "At first we kept the website really clean and simple and didn't explain too much, so we didn't put enough information out there about what goes into what we are doing and why we do it."

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