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Rail Paul

[KC] Oklahoma Joe's gets/gives some bbq loving

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I have not been back to Oklahoma Joe's for many years.. In fact, it was at the original location and it was called Oklahoma Joe's instead of Kansas City Joe's or Joe's Kansas City which it is called today.. But, despite the time, i remember the ribs being some of the best I have had..


We arrived yesterday at 11:30, right before the rush.. By the time we left, there was a line out the door.. A fast moving line but, still, perhaps 40 deep..


It's a no frills ordering situation.. You place an order, walk down a line, you get your food immediately.. I was sort of disappointed when my food arrived so quickly.. I was having flashbacks to Nathan's but, i was happily surprised..


I ordered a rib and brisket combo and a smoked turkey for my father.. The fries were outstanding.. They were hot and crispy.. My first thought was that they were fried in beef tallow but, the sauces and the old bay they put on it and then the rest of the food distracted me. They were really good..


The ribs were the star of the show for me.. While the brisket was certainly good, it was just sliced so thin.. I prefer it to be thicker.. The turkey too was ok, nothing amazing about it.. Again sliced very thinly. The ribs were fall of the bone. .The sauces good.. I am rarely excited by bbq, this was not super exciting..It did not make the same impression that it had done all of those years ago.. Nor, was it as impressive as LC'S to me..




technically a perfect rib.. Something was missing, i don't know what..



I don't know what I am saying, please enjoy the photos.

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Well, dang, you people who come to KC and don't say anything! We love to meet MF folks. :-) Next time, give a heads up.


We are leaving in a couple of days--driving to So. Calif. then back to Salt Lake City. Expect to do some good eating in many places.

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Well, I have a terrible memory and wished I reached out but, my new schedule is, wake up at 5 am in New York, jump on an early flight, work until about 7 kansas city time, drive to my shitty business hotel and eat some stuff before trying to pass out but, instead reading until 2 in the morning.. Waking up the next day, working all day and leaving at 5 pm back to Newark.. 


This time was no different.. 


I was staying in Overland Park, was hungry and tired and decided to hit up a place that was a mile from my hotel... This was a different Joe's location and it was really delicious.. I picked up a lot of celery salt on the ribs this time.. Their sauce, remains my favorite Kansas City type of BBQ sauce.. 


I ate a lot with reckless abandoned.   I ordered so much food and beers and the whole thing was like 50 bucks... 



The salads... After seeing the sign and contemplating for a bit while eating, i had to go back up and have them explain the salad to me.. They have pre-filled bowls of iceberg lettuce and maybe some shredded carrots and a couple of cherry tomatoes in styrofoam bowls, wrapped in plastic... They then top the lettuce with shredded cheese, pickled peppers and then your choice of meat.. Jesus, what a salad. 






I have been hearing about the Zman so, I decided to give it a shot.. It's sliced smoked brisket topped with melted smoked provolone, bbq sauce and fried onion rings... It's a helluva sandwich.. It's delicious.. And while the brisket is sliced paper thin, the cheese, onion ring and awesome bbq sauce carry this sucker over the finish line.. The bun is super soft, almost like a bodega roll but, of better quality... 



The sauce and cheese forgives a lot... I might ask for a burnt end zman next time... It's not on the menu but, they are nice folks.   But yeh, i don't know if the brisket adds anything, i would almost like rare roast beef or the rip tips or even fried chicken...   I don't like their brisket. 






And here is the rest of the food.. the fries are fantastic.. they put a dry rub on them and it's great.. the ribs were perfectly cooked, fall of the bone and had a really nice celery salt taste, the addition of the sauce is awesome.. the sausage was smoked and sweet and a little spicy.. almost like a sweet italian minus the fennel seed.. 


All in all, i was really happy, too full and spent 54 bucks for what would have been a lot more at a place that would be a lot worse. 


5 dollar local beers. 


went home and felt like a capsized turtle, laying on my crappy bed

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I love Joe's burnt ends and onion rings! I wish I could go back to kc tomorrow (and I'd definitely contact maison rustique since I missed her last time, and also that time at the eG Heartland gathering!

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