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Jams, jellies, preserves and marmalades

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Carrot-cardamom marmalade maybe not as weird as it sounds

Cherry soda for a lime rickey...

I wrote about the rhubarb chutney in the Corona cooking thread. Last week I spotted sour cherries. Since the season is so short I grabbed them and made jam even though I was leaving for vacation the d

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These were bings. Black sweet cherries. The results remind me of commercial "mixed berry" or "red fruit" preserves. Not "bad" but not the product I anticipated.


Certainly usable as waffle or pancake topping. Or bagels or crumpet.


We're not, or at least I'm not a sweet eater. I don't see these in my future.

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I say this over and over:sweet cherries do not,have much flavor beyond sweetness. There may be a mythical,available to select few sample out there,but for pies and preserves, go for the sours,which are around now,for their short,expensive two week window.

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They're from an old tree so not super flavourful, definitely need help. Was thinking Kirch or vanilla. Then again a tart with almond is an option.

Disagree about sweet cherries though -- the ones from Lake Constanz are great.

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I miss the days when I could buy some of Chef Pim's marmalades. They were always so different and tasty. Of course I don't eat marmalade anymore so that will have to remain a memory.

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Stopped in Brentwood for a final Blenheim score.    Really the end of the season.   We were too greedy to examine the fruit first, so wound up with 4 baskets of VERY RIPE fruit.    We slurped quite a few on the way home, and turned the remainder into a few more jars of jam and a pie, saving a handful of eating fresh.    'Til next year...


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