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All in the Family

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There was a go-go lounge on 13th and Locust in Philadelphia with the same name. I don't think it's there anymore. As someone on the internet describes it:


Imagine a go-go bar where your mother and her friends dance in nasty polyester lingerie to the sounds of 1970s K-Tel albums.



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Watched the Sammy Davis, Jr. episode of All in the Family last evening on Antenna-TV. Arguably, the funniest half-hour in television history.

Archie's hospital stay,complete with blood transfusion from a black nurse has to be a close second.

The female impersonator. On tv in the 70s. Especially when she was killed protecting Michael.

Edith almost being raped by the fake policeman.

George Jefferson not wanting a neighbor to sell his house to a Puerto Rican.

Stretch Cunningham was Jewish. (He can't be Jewish, he has "ham" in his name.)

And then there's Maude.

"They killed bubby."

Edith's "lump."



Easily the best sit-com, if not the best series ever.


Followed by "I Love Lucy" (you watch the show and think, "oh, that old gag," and then you realize that this was the first time the gag was on tv [Rich will tell us that the gags were actually well-known from vaudeville]), and the Mary Tyler Moore show (She was only 19, hubba hubba hubba).


ETA:: Silly me. She was only 19 was, of course, from the Dick Van Dyke show, when Mary confessed to Rob that she lied about he age when they got married.

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How is it that nobody's mentioned The Honeymooners?

Certainly the grandaddy of all sitcoms. And here is an interesting note - Jackie Gleason turned down the role of Archie Bunker.


One more thing, Joyce Randolph belongs to our wine group at the Roundabout. Lovely lady with some interesting

stories about the show.


And yes, Stone, I saw many of the Lucy acts during my Vaudeville days - mostly at the Roxy. Best Lucy episode and line - the Superman episode when Superman (George Reeves) entertains little Ricky at his birthday party. After some hijinks with Lucy, Superman says to Desi "...and you said you've been married to her for 15 years???" And then with a great facial expression, he continues "...and they call me Superman???"

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