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A cuisine tour of County Waterford

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The Wall Street Journal's Darra Goldstein offers a short article about her recent trip to Ireland. It sounds like she had a great time.



Last summer I visited Ireland again. I foraged for seaweed by kayak along the Atlantic Coast. I tasted "blaas," plump rolls now on their way to gaining PGI status, a European Union certification that a product is local, authentic and skillfully made. I enjoyed seasonal beers from Dungarvan Brewing Company, a craft brewery that carefully bottle-conditions each batch. In Cork, no less, in the 18th-century English Market, I sampled smoked mussels in vinaigrette, rock lobster from Kinsale, tender soda bread flavored with fennel seed, elderflower cordial, floury Golden Wonder potatoes and Yellowman toffee. Best of all was the Farmgate Café's salad of spiced beef on mixed greens, the meat's complex undertones of juniper and allspice providing a perfect counterpoint to the mild lettuce.




Barron's Bakery link. The bakery claims to be among the last to use Scotch ovens in the preparation of their breads. Grain from local farmers, milled locally. On the N72 highway




Cask conditioned ales at Dungarvan Brewing Company. The brewery is a fixture at the annual Waterford celebration of local foods and beverages



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