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San Francisco: Deserving of three Michelin stars?

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Eater has a current feature in which the service asks distinguished chefs, food writers, UE, and others for their views on "should be" three Michelin star locations around the world.   The San Franc

Doesn't he get special treatment everywhere? That's been a perhaps unfair unassumption of mine.

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This probably is the wrong thread, but I had a few days in the area and I was able to go to Manresa, Saison, Chez Panisse, A16 and Lers Ros which were all very good in their own ways.


In random order, A16 does very good pizzas and to my mind less good pasta with an excellent Southern Italian wine list with heavy Etna and Campania components.


Manresa, my second meal there, had a few stellar dishes but just went on too long, and had few quite indifferent dishes. Fabulous service and wine list, and I blew the wine budget on a bottle of Coche that was just fabulous. So I didn't like it that much, and if I end up working for Netflix I can see myself eating their once a month but otherwise I think it is off the list.


Saison was top notch throughout, though one of the few places I have every eaten at in the US where I thought there was not quite enough food. Very good -- thanks for talking me round guys.


Chez Panisse was as always -- I love it, but others may not. They do what they set out to as well as it can be done.


Lers Ros is a very good Thai place that my local (Thai) friend insisted we go to. Apart from some disgusting crocodile that we ordered for the novelty value, it was all correctly spiced and accurately cooked, and with good fresh herbs, and way ahead of what we have in London.

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Thanks for the report.


A16 -- people like it and am glad you did enough


Manresa I love and have always been able to be in and out or take 3 hours so not sure... It is one of my favs though.


Saison -- I can't currently comment on


CP is CP and that's great


Ler Ros I've found to be overrated and use it as a drunk late night delivery place

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I thought we had a dedicated Saison thread but perhaps not. Returned for two excellent meals last week. While I have some minor quibbles (price for the discovery menu, final savory course not quite hitting the highs), it's really a delicious and exciting restaurant. Excellent service. If you happen to have a pristine bottle of '89 Raveneau MdT, that doesn't hurt either. Highly recommended and still pretty easy to get a table two or three weeks out.


Finally got around to trying Benu as well. A number of strong dishes to start the meal, but it kind of fell off a cliff once the heavier proteins hit. Some pretty aggressively sweet components alongside salmon, quail, beef.

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