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Bars I Have Loved

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I can't find a decent shot of the bar at the Holler House in Milwaukee. Lots of photos of the downstairs bowling lanes.


I like Nye's here in Minneapolis.




It's actually two bars. The photo on the upper right is the bar in the dining room near the piano bar. The lower left is the polka bar in an adjacent room. It can be irritating at times when young drunks clog the place but there are lots of non-ironic families who eat, drink, and dance together.

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Some fun, for a change. This is the interior of the French House, in London's Soho. It was taken after the long-time landlord Gaston Berlement retired, because he didn't permit stools at all. In Ga

Nearly went there last week, but ended up in Walker's instead.

Bait and Tackle in Red Hook. A treasure trove of of carefully collected kitsch. We went last July 4th. The place was deserted except for the bartender. He poured us a couple of cold ones and after about 15 minutes he said "Hey, I've got to run out for a little while. Could you watch the place?"


"Sure. No problem." This marked a new high for me in casual bar management.


Of course we did watch the place and took time to take lots of pictures. Behold the wonders of RHB&T.



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I've spent a few late afternoons at Pete's on Irving Place. It's the typical neighborhood dive bar but I like it.


Probably New York's oldest continuously operating fully licensed bar. Usually a lot busier than this:



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A lovely space, but you eat at Pete's at your peril.


This is a great topic, and thinking about it I realized that all the bars I regard with special fondness: Red Cat, Highlands, Odeon, Rules, the place on Calle Gagos around the corner from my sister's place in Sevilla--are in/attached to restaurants. I'm such a girl.


When I was in my twenties there was a place on Second Avenue and 13th, called Nightingales, long defunct, and in a space that is now no doubt an NYU bro hangout. My husband and I loved it, it was a real neighborhood place bustling with locals: artists, writers, musicians, the famous movie actor who favored transsexuals........

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Nightingale's is not so long defunct, but it transformed itself into a boring lounge quite a few years ago (retaining the name). That's the bar where I saw the Fleshtones concert which climaxed with the band leaving the bar, still playing, climbing into a cab outside, driving round the block, and re-entering the bar--still playing--to finish the song.


ETA: Still there. I thought it had closed.

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Wow, I'm stunned it's still around. But as you said same name but not the same bar.


I'm also remembering we used to put in a fair amount of time in Puffy's when that neighborhood was the Wild West. But I haven't been in there in years. And talk about bare bones.

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