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Bars I Have Loved

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Some fun, for a change. This is the interior of the French House, in London's Soho. It was taken after the long-time landlord Gaston Berlement retired, because he didn't permit stools at all. In Ga

Nearly went there last week, but ended up in Walker's instead.

The oldest bar on Staten Island, Liedy's Shore Inn. Tranquil in the daytime: not a place to be stepping on anyone's feet after dark.





In case anyone is confused -




I saw ringers for a number of these guys at Liedy's.

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Puffy's still there, but Jim Stratton has sold it (also his place on St. Mark's), I believe, so that he can retire (!) upstate. In the early 1980s we use to hold our fundraisers for Downtown Independent Democrats at Puffy's (Jim was male district leader). We'd also have meetings at Socrates, now the site of Tamarind Tribeca, but that was a Greek coffee shop, not a bar.


Walker's now has an Italian place attached next door; Nancy Whiskey may be the only one still the same.

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I've spent a few late afternoons at Pete's on Irving Place. It's the typical neighborhood dive bar but I like it.


Probably New York's oldest continuously operating fully licensed bar. Usually a lot busier than this:



Nah, looks about the right.


It was my 4:00 watering hole when I stayed in Union Square and my gf took her mid afternoon, post-shopping, pre-dinner nap.


Drinking at Olives was always an expensive proposition.....the whiskey pours barely tinted the glass.

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surprised this didn't make your list, wilf:

Love the anarchist sherry bar. I had it in mind when I was trying to find a decent interior shot of Portalon in Barcelona (and found Xampanyet instead).


Can't find shots of the actual bar at Portalon:



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