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Bars I Have Loved

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Some fun, for a change. This is the interior of the French House, in London's Soho. It was taken after the long-time landlord Gaston Berlement retired, because he didn't permit stools at all. In Ga

Nearly went there last week, but ended up in Walker's instead.

I love how every city has its own best bar style:


Beirut has some great laid back bars. Dragonfly in Gemmayze has (had? It's been a while) a really beautful atmosphere.




Philly was always great at dives with excellent jukeboxes. Spent a lot of Friday or Saturday nights seeing Nate Wiley (RIP) and the Crowd Pleasers at Bob & Barbara's:




To be fair, Pabst was a thing there before it was ever a thing...


Munich bars are either too self-consciously "schicki" or too self-satisfied ironic, but I think this one is a gem:




The Golden Bar in Haus der Kunst. (For the art historians in the crowd, HdK is the museum where Hitler ran the degenerate art show.) The building was used by Allies as a hospital so it escaped being destroyed in the bombing. The wall murals in the bar are original to the building, and celebrate wine regions, er, under German occupation...


The museum as well as the bar itself have become a great place to see contemporary experimental (read: degenerate) music and art. It was the first place I saw Ai Wei Wei's work for example, and they recently finished up a great series on the record label ECM. There's also a huge terrace outside overlooking the english garden, with DJs on warm Sunday evenings.


And then there's St. Pauli in Hamburg...which probably invented the seedy/cosy dive...



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That last one looks especially great. Thanks for those pics.


This took some digging up: a photo of the interior of La Cafeteria on El Conde, the main drag of Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial (old town). Founded in 1930 by a Basque immigrant, apparently, it sells food and coffee, but with an ice cold beer, it's the kind of bar where time stands still (Not the greatest stools.)



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Double Windsor, Windsor Terrace, in the very shadow of that hellpit Farrell's.


You can see it from the bar - it's like looking across the Berlin wall in 1970.





There's a fine selection of beers but the bar shines on warm summer afternoons. It's open to the breezes and the afternoon light is wonderful.






And they have special events like a Girl Scout cookie beer pairing.





Eat your heart out Torst.

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First he complains about the stools at Torst without sitting on them, then he calls Farrell's a "hellpit" without daring to stick his nose through the door.


Yeah, why would I ever call Farrell's a hellpit?




Oh, right. Because it is.


I see you're in no hurry to get back.

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